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Trend Report of WILVORST Creative Team

WILVORST stands for festive men’s fashion of the highest quality and most elegant design since 1916. WILVORST is the specialist for the perfect wedding suit, festive men’s clothing, formal wear and harmoniously coordinated accessories. With our wedding suits we beautify your most beautiful day in life and let you shine next to the bride. What is trend in terms of outer fabrics and colors? Our creative team reveals the trends from the famous “Sewing Box”.

The After Six and Prestige collections are symbolic of festive men’s fashion and Green Wedding for the collection statement of sustainability. These basic values ​​are reflected in the field of outer fabrics and compositions, forming the basis of the new Spring / Summer 2020 collections, which will be available from 15 October, 2019.

Finest weave patterns, modern interpreted unis and soft structures continue to be the mainstays in the collections. These are represented by a modern expressive color palette thus forming a rich variety. Jacquards enrich the collections in various forms. Diamond shapes in distinct patterns or in fine lines, drawn with restraint, are indispensable and stand for a modern, creative Zeitgeist.

Articles with a higher percentage of virgin wool and a modest chandelier, set in scene by the finest polyester or polyamide fibers, underline the festive message of the After Six collection. In addition, soft and flowing viscose / polyester compositions are further expanded. Elastane in blends and pure new wool with Natural Stretch form the basis of all product groups and bring natural flexibility into the outer fabrics.

Finest wool mixed with high-quality silk are the mainstays of the WILVORST premium collection PRESTIGE. In addition to this statement of material, is a pure new wool from Italian weaving with yarns up to Super 150’s, the luxury segment from the house WILVORST.

Fashion is the mirror of the times and thus shaping the future – a core value of the WILVORST Green Wedding collection. This capsule collection clearly focuses on fairness and sustainability. Pure new wool with natural agility will continue to be the core of this collection – naturally made in Italy. Different patterns of pure silk are used for accessories and vests and are the inspiration for a modern, sustainable and future-oriented lifestyle of the fashion-conscious generation.

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