About us

Bridal Times is the first active B2B online publication dedicated to the bridal industry, retailers and designers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

We are updated daily providing TOP and current bridal industry news including feature interviews, international coverage of industry events and provides resourceful business information for bridal retailers. Bridal Times also offers international designers the opportunity to utilize our site as a platform in order to reach out to bridal retailers in German speaking countries.


Adriana Weisenbach
Managing Director/Editor

With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Radio, Television and Film from the University of North Texas, Adriana Weisenbach has obtained extensive experience working in media as well as B2B Marketing & Sales. It is while living in beautiful Southern Germany and planning her own wedding, that she realized there was a void in the market for an active news portal which provides informational and helpful resources to bridal retailers in German Speaking countries. Starting from the manufacturer to the retailer, she firmly believes in providing exceptional customer service, especially on one of the most important days of a woman’s life.

(Interview with European Bridal Week 2020)

We proudly present Bridal Times, our new media partner. An active news portal for bridal retailers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We’ve spoken with Adriana Weisenbach and she told us all about the history and success of Bridal Times.

Please introduce Bridal Times

Bridal Times was launched on Valentine’s Day 2018. Besides being a young, international and dynamic team, we utilize all the modern digital marketing tools in order to optimally distribute our news. We are fast, current and able to reach out to a large audience. Not only are bridal retailers and manufacturers reading Bridal Times, but brides themselves and everyone else interested in bridal.

How does Bridal Times connect with the bridal market?

Since our launch, Bridal Times has gained much traction in the bridal industry. We set up a platform for international and local designers to present their very latest collections on Bridal Times, and we keep our readers informed with current bridal industry news. This is carried out through our feature interviews and coverage of international bridal exhibitions and events. Most importantly, we strive to provide insightful business tips for bridal retailers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

What makes Bridal Times successful?

Our main goal was to create an up-to-date news source for bridal retailers in German speaking countries, but also to establish a clear gateway for international designers and manufacturers to reach out to bridal retailers in Central Europe. At the moment, we measure our success by ever-increasing interest from our readers and international partners of Bridal Times. We are pleased to get involvement from manufactures and designers, positive feedback from our readers and new followers every day.

What are the biggest changes for Bridal Times in recent years?

We launched Bridal Times in 2018. Since that time, we have greatly expanded our portfolio of advertising options and adapted them to the needs of our customers and readers. Bridal Times has meanwhile become much more international than originally planned, and we are pleased about this.

We are constantly working on our content, website and optimizing our layout to identify with our readers and partners and meet their needs. Professional marketing with all its diverse possibilities in the field of social media and digital marketing are very important to us.

What are the strengths of Bridal Times?

We are modern, fast, customer service oriented, and love the challenge!

Millennials are the new brides of today. They act individually, confidently and know exactly what they want. Starting from wedding themes, locations, choice of gown, jewelry, make-up, flowers, the list goes on. All of this has to be perfect in such a way that the bride and groom can experience and enjoy THEIR special day! In the past, everything was much more standard or simplified. These interesting developments in bridal are the kind of things we like to report on. Bridal Times also strengthens communication between designers, retailers and their most important people – the future bride and groom.

We accept changes and trends as a challenge and the basis of our work, grow with them and offer our readers THE perfect portal for their daily work and beyond. The many positive reactions, our steady growth as a company and the many new followers show us that we are making a contribution to the bridal fashion industry and confirm that we are on the right path.