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The Unique and Talented Dirndl Designer of Brautmoden Tegernsee

Nora Höfler/Bridal Times

The fashion artist Tali Amoo is the founder, managing director and chief designer of her bridal fashion production “Brautmoden Tegernsee”. A native born of Ghana, we were especially interested in her dirndl bridal wear collection as well as her different roles in her company.

How did you become a bridal fashion designer?

It started with a lot of trouble with my parents. At age 9, I cut my Sunday dress to make the same dress for my doll. At that time, I grew up in Takoradi on the coast of Ghana. In addition, my grandmother was a cloth merchant and I always watched my aunt tailoring after school. At the age of 11, I first saw a bride in the Swiss town of Chur and was impressed by the beautiful wedding dress, the accessories, the jewelry and the entire appearance. Since then I am fascinated by clothes, especially wedding dresses, fabrics, jewelery and everything you can make of it. I realized my childhood dream step by step and I am still passionate about being a bridal fashion designer who is always inspired by the daily contact with the brides and their wishes.

When and how did you come up with the idea of ​​offering Dirndl as a bridal fashion?

After I came to Bavaria in 2006 and opened my first bridal atelier near Munich, I was fascinated from the beginning with traditional and modern trend-oriented dirndl fashion. Brautdirndl “Bride Dirndl” or Hochzeitsdirndl “Wedding Dirndl” I think is something very special, strongly associated with the Bavarian tradition and very popular just for the civil ceremonies. It started with unique pieces, which I designed and manufactured under the brand Dirndleria® by Tali Amoo.

How does a collection of your bridal dirndl brand Dirndleria® come about?

Taking into account the experience gained, customer feedback and current trends, designs, material definitions, business calculations and prototypes are created approx. 1 year before a pending change of collection. The resulting handmade unique items are also used to launch marketing activities. Since bridal fashion Tegernsee attaches great importance to the possibility of individualization, especially in the case of its own brands, the Hochzeitsdirndl can be custom-made on the basis of the unique pieces especially on customer request.

Where is your bridal collection made?

All Bride Dirndl by Dirndleria® by Tali Amoo and all wedding dresses by Whispers of love are designed and manufactured in the manufactory of Brautmoden Tegernsee in Tegernsee.

On your website, you describe yourself as “THE ROMANTIC BRIDAL ATELIER ON TEGERNSEE” – what does romance mean to you personally and how do you transfer this romance to your designs?

For me, romance is emotional, maybe with a bit of immersion in a dream world and an exaggeration of beautiful things and beautiful experiences. And that’s exactly what I want to find at the end of a design process in a bridal gown, a bridal dirndl and, of course, in all the accompanying accessories. From this feeling one can deduce the happiness that our brides should accompany the whole process on the way to their dream dress. The way to the altar is already in the months before to be an unforgettable beautiful and exciting experience. My goal is a happy bride, who receives her dream dress and her dream equipment for the most beautiful day with us.

Do customers searching for a Brautdirndl come only from Bavaria and Austria or beyond these regions?

The dirndl fashion in general is also successful far beyond the Bavarian and Austrian regions. With a growing awareness of Brautmoden Tegernsee and the dirndl brand Dirndleria® by Tali Amoo, we also note an increased demand for tailor-made Brautdirndl from customers outside Bavaria, especially for civil ceremonies.

How important is it for you to be in charge of both the creative aspect and the management, making sole decisions on both?

The combination of customer contact – creation – business management proves to be successful. This is especially reflected in the feedback from the customers and brides. Brautmoden Tegernsee is based on the wishes and ideas of the customers, important trends and important topics such as sustainability and quality. Quick decision-making processes between sales or customer contact, creation and corporate management are important prerequisites for what we consider important: a customer-oriented bridal service offering, extensive consulting services and a selected collection offer. And even so, we can consistently implement the philosophy of the company and the brand values ​​and for what we stand for.

What does a typical workday look like in your bridal production house?

Bridal studio and production are housed in a building complex in the Rosenstraße of Tegernsee. The production house is freely accessible for our customers, a consultation can also take place depending on the design process phase. A typical day-to-day work in the Bridal Studio essentially consists of the performance of consulting appointments. Most of the counseling sessions are scheduled and usually take up to 2 hours. Associated organizational activities are the documentation of the consultation and the planning and ordering of selected clothes and accessories. At the same time, customizations and orders for custom tailoring are scheduled and calculated in the manufactory. The subsequent process is the design of design sketches, the selection of fabrics and the making of clothes and accessories. The accounting department takes care of the bid and invoicing in parallel. Finally, a day’s work also includes marketing-related activities such as maintaining marketing channels and creating artwork, including photo and film productions.

How do you go about creating to the designs for your different lines; How do you know which design suits which brand?

When selecting the collections, I look for an optimal collection of designs and styles that are preferred by our customers, our brides. Strong brands are clearly in the advantage and the strength results from an unmistakable style and a clear and authentic positioning. My experience helps me to recognize trends, to identify designs and to assemble the different lines according to the expectations of the customers.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I am inspired by different trends and styles, as well as trends from the history of fashion. Especially up-to-date, are the hippie fashion of the 70s inspired wedding dresses and stylings. Another important source of inspiration is the daily contact with the customers, who express wishes and ideas and who then sometimes lead to new solutions in design.

Do you believe in the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility, ie the responsibility that a company has for the environment and production conditions, for example?

Yes absolutely. Out of our own conviction and because our customers value it more and more.

How does bridal fashion Tegernsee shape the implementation of this responsibility?

Sustainability and the environment are anchored in quality, responsibility, reliability and honesty in the brand foundation of Brautmoden Tegernsee. Based on these underlying values, we align all our thinking and actions. Specifically, this takes place, among other things, in the deliberate selection of our suppliers, the collections, brands and raw materials that are processed in the manufactory. The optimal recycling of fabric residues, the recycling and the environmentally sound waste disposal are important to us. The entire studio and the manufactory are energy-saving, equipped with LED lighting technology. We are in close contact with the manufacturers of bridalwear whose brands we represent and pay attention not only to the quality but also to the origin of the manufacture of the products and the associated working and manufacturing conditions. Currently we mainly represent brands from the EU and Germany. The own collections and unique pieces are manufactured without exception in the own production house. The raw materials come from EU countries. We have been supporting the West African Aids Foundation (WAAF) for 2 years, which primarily looks after women and children affected by the disease. Each bride receives a handmade garter from us; The value of the garter is given to the WAAF. The funds will be spent on education, health, care and education.

What is the most beautiful thing about your job?

Daily dealings with customers, designing with beautiful fabrics and accepting new challenges and exciting tasks. And finally, to see when a bride is happy.

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