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The Perfect Fitting Wedding Suit: Tips from “Made to Measure” KUHN Maßkonfektion

Known for their “Made to Measure” precision fits, KUHN Maßkonfektion gives us some tips and advice for the perfect fitting wedding day suit.

As experts in “Made to Measure” men’s suits, what are some key elements that makes a perfect quality suit?

The use of high-quality natural materials distinguishes a quality suit. We rely on breathable, smooth inner linings made of viscose, horsehair and linen, as well as high-quality outer fabrics made of virgin wool and linen qualities.

When it comes to fit, the most important element is the shoulder and chest area. It is so to speak, the face of the suit. The fit should be perfect here. Specifically, the shoulder seam should be in proper alignment with the upper arm and the collar should lay on the shoulder without sticking out. The fit in the chest area is optimal when the lapel falls smoothly over the chest.

Are there styles only recommended for certain body types, or can anyone wear anything, as long as it is the right size?

Basically, a good fit is the most important thing, but there are models that are better suited to certain figure types than others. The two-button jacket is an all-rounder. It is the most popular and common among the types of jackets. You’ll never go wrong with this. The three-button jacket is recommended for very tall, slim men. The length and width of the lapel are slightly shorter here than on other models, which creates a nice symmetry that emphasizes the upper body. The double-breasted suit is considered to be the most reliable form of jacket and flatters particularly muscular men with broad shoulders.

Walk us through the basics. What is an optimal sleeve length?

For an optimal sleeve length, the jacket sleeve should end at the wrists, with the shirt cuff extending by two centimeters.

How should a collar shirt fit?

As with the jacket, the model should be selected according to the body type. A “Kent” collar is the all-rounder among shirts, which is suitable for every figure. The “Shark” collar is also becoming more and more popular, but men with a slightly fuller face should avoid this because it also emphasizes the face.

What should be considered with ties and accessories?

The three most important accessories are the tie, the bow tie and the ascot. A regular tie is rarely used for wedding suits. A bow tie is currently the most popular choice, it can be used universally and is suitable for different styles and looks. The ascot tie on the other hand, is particularly suitable for very festive suits. Casual and rustic weddings are currently in trend and often a shirt with a Mao collar is worn, and only combined with a pocket square, without a tie or bow tie.

What is important is that the accessories should accentuate the suit’s color. The accessories round off the look and the result is a harmonious overall picture.

For more information about “Made to Measure” suits , visit KUHN Maßkonfektion in the German language.