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The New Fall 2021 Collections by Watters Designs

Watters Designs, INC. a global leader in the bridal industry, is pleased to debut imaginative new collections of bridal gowns for Fall 2021 by its three brands: Watters, Wtoo by Watters, and Willowby by Watters.

Titled “The Scent of Love”, the Watters Fall 2021 Collection draws inspiration from a love story of our very own, and these soft floral notes can be found throughout. Moments in time are often captured by our senses. A smell of a certain sweet perfume has the power to take you back to a summer’s eve where your love story had just started to bloom. Sultry and warm, the scent of a gardenia is as intoxicating and enticing as a summer’s evening. This collection features luxury gowns starting at $2,000 MSRP.

Watters Serein Dress

Named “Have Your Cake”, the Wtoo by Watters Fall 2021 Collection was made for a bride who wants to have their cake and eat it too. Dresses with all the drama, detail, and personality without the buyer’s remorse. This collection is full of fun florals and decadent tulle, inspired by the sweet details and intricate moments often found in wedding cakes because we believe more is always more. This season’s gowns are approachably priced — starting at $995 MSRP.

Wtoo by Watters Miligan Dress

This Fall 2021 season Willowby brings you “Charmed”, a collection that not only celebrates the small details sewn into the dresses themselves, but also the everyday moments —the charms— the universe presents us with. A butterfly perched on a flower, the warmth of the sun on your cheek, when, without asking, your other half brings you tea, these are the little things in life worth cherishing. This collection offers seven new styles featuring graphic custom embroideries, fresh bridal sleeves, separates for versatility, and for the first time ever,
a pant set. Like a butterfly, enchanting and evolving, a Willowby bride is able to flourish in her various forms. She dances to the beat of her own drum and is unapologetically herself. We want to offer our brides soulful separates that bring a cool and easy-to-wear versatility in this ever-changing world of ours. These indie-inspired gowns start at $1100 MSRP.

Willowby Kaelyn Dress


Watters, a global leader in the fashion industry for over 30 years, is comprised of three brands offering luxury bridal gowns and dresses for bridesmaids, wedding parties, and special occasions: Watters, Wtoo, and Willowby. Watters, the company’s premier flagship brand, is best known for its imaginative designs for effortless style. Headquartered and designed in Dallas, Texas, with teams in Europe and Asia, Watters’ brands are sold by major retailers and specialty stores worldwide. Watters remains a family-owned company and is led by Founder and Designer Vatana Watters, whose inspirations emanate from her world travels, experience living on both US coasts and the desire to reflect the spirit of the times.

For further information on the collections, visit Watters Designs.