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Rembo Styling Launches the New “Civil Collection”

Rembo Styling, the Belgian brand of Marylise and Rembo Styling Fashion Group (MRFG), just launched a new short dress collection, for brides fed up waiting to get married and ready to celebrate love through a civil wedding. The brand took the streets of Lisbon as stage to present a diverse, sustainable and fresh approach to bridal fashion.

“With the civil dresses, we want to communicate different ways of getting married” said Chiara De Vlieger, Head of Design. “Everybody wants to be unique, and I think brides in the future will get very creative on ways to celebrate their wedding”.

According to Chiara, the idea came from France and Belgium, where some of the Rembo Styling customers, the bridal shops,  explained there was a lot of demand, but at a specific price point. “When a bride gets married during covid, she is expecting a more economical dress choice”, commented Chiara. “We had to find a way to offer our shops a dress with the quality we are used to, a similar look, but that we could sell at a respectful price point, both for the bride and the shop. Later on, when a regular party is possible, the idea is to offer a normal wedding dress.”

Alice Dress

“The urban authenticity what the brand wants to recreate in the imaginary of the modern bride, who can’t miss out on a pit stop at her favorite boulangerie in the city before walking down the aisle. Because all the big celebrations had to be postponed, it’s only natural that couples want to bring something extra for the civil wedding, with the short dress. That is the reason why we had to do something about it”, adds Cedric, Chief of Operations in MRFG. “We thought about sustainability, short dresses and what is economically realistic, and we
tried to put those 3 things together”.

Isabel Dress

The civil wedding dress collection is a more practical and essential one, focused on flattering shapes and premium fabrics. Rembo Styling played with different dimension dresses, skirts and jumpsuits, using mainly crepe and very modern laces to bring out the women’s natural beauty.

“There was a quick response on demand of the market, that actually shifted the whole production system. The facility had sustainable fabrics on stock that did not plan on using”, says Cedric. “Reusing them means building a brand-new collection in a sustainable way, and with a clear advantage, we can produce upfront and deliver immediately”.

All the pieces are handmade in Portugal, produced with 100% European fabrics. The dresses are all ready to order and ship to the stores.

Belmira Dress

About Rembo Styling

Rembo Styling is a Belgian family business in heart and soul. All the wedding dresses bear the mark of unique craftsmanship. They are designed with passion in Belgium and individually produced on demand in the traditional way by highly skilled seam-stresses, in Portugal. The brand is able to respond quickly to the market by only producing on demand, with the advantage of keeping its ecological footprint limited. Creatively, Rembo Styling works with a group of designers, which allows to shift the creative boundaries of bridal fashion each year. The mission is to inspire brides worldwide and help to provide them with an unforgettable day.

For further information, visit Rembo Styling