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Peter Kaiser- The Quality Bridal Shoe Collection

Since 1838, the German brand Peter Kaiser has been producing footwear in Pirmasens, Germany. For the occasion of the current bridal shoes collection, Bridal Times caught up with the managing director Stefan Frank and the chief designer Liliana Cacopardo.

In the summer of 2018, you launched a new brand image. Why was it important to realign your brand image?

In rebalancing our brand image, it was important for us to recharge the brand in a more modern way and get closer to its very own DNA, femininity. Our claim “beautifulsince1838” considers both our long tradition and what we really want to do to make women even more beautiful with our shoes. Peter Kaiser shoes give self-confidence and make women shine. That’s why much of our communication is about the word “beautiful.”

The brand Peter Kaiser has a long tradition and the shoe factory has existed since 1838. What are the cornerstones of the success of your brand, how did you bow from the beginnings of the brand to today?

The cornerstones of our success are a consistently high quality and a high standard of our shoes. We have been using only the highest quality materials since the beginning, possessing enormous technical know-how, and have always developed wearable, never-fancy fashion.

How did you come up with the idea to produce a collection for bridal shoes?

There has always been the saying “Marrying in Peter Kaiser shoes brings happiness!”. We took this as an opportunity to develop a collection especially for brides. Thus, we can respond even more targeted to the wishes and requirements of our customers.

Who is responsible for the designs of the Peter Kaiser Bridal Shoe Collection?

The design is developed in our in-house design department. In addition, our Wedding Shoebar concept gives our customers the opportunity to customize their shoes for this special day.

What is the inspiration behind the design of Peter Kaiser Bridal Shoes?

Peter Kaiser wedding shoes are geared to the requirements of this special day. The design continues to evolve as modern classics.

Are you looking at current and future trends in bridal fashion in general, or is your design process independent of it?

Of course, we also inform ourselves about the latest developments and trends in bridal fashion, especially in the area of ​​heels and jewelry pieces, or materials. Here we orientate ourselves on the fashionable development.

Can you tell us something about the creative process at Peter Kaiser? How do you develop a new collection?

The creative process begins with the research of trends, colors, lifestyles and their developments. We deal with new trends and influences. From these we draw our ideas, innovations and turn them into products. For each collection, we think of a collection theme that provides inspiration for new details and adds an individual touch to the collection. Sketches and technical drawings are then created with the previous research. Colors and materials are selected until the collection of about 200 articles takes its form.

How do you combine PK’s long tradition and modernity in your designs?

One thing does not exclude the other: tradition has more of an effect in terms of technology, fit and quality. However, tradition does not mean to ignore modernity. Accordingly, we have always been involved in fashion change and have developed to the point, never exaggerating, but classically modern.

What kind of woman does Peter Kaiser bridal shoes design for?

There is no exclusion, we develop shoes for all brides who value quality and design and who want to wear something special on this important day.

What does it take to be a designer of the Peter Kaiser team?

A designer should have a good sense of observation, a sense for shapes and colors and be able to think ahead. Creativity and sense of aesthetics are of course also very important. In order to clarify ideas, we need drawing skills, diligence and empathy.

How important is the aspect of sustainability in your product? In your company?

Sustainability is becoming more and more important, we are constantly working on the processes for improvement, also in the areas of sustainability. For example, we are one of the few manufacturers to use chrome-free lining leather in our entire collection.

How important is the Bridal Shoe collection for the expansion of the Peter Kaiser brand?

The expansion of the bridal collection is important for the brand Peter Kaiser as bridal shoes generally bring a certain sympathy for the brand, which radiates to the overall. Those who have felt comfortable in their bridal shoes will forever remain a Peter Kaiser fan.

To what extent does social media have on the success of the Peter Kaiser shoes brand? Is quality and excellent fit not enough to sell a lot of shoes?

In the present time, social media goes along with it. Of course, we also deal with this topic. Social media puts us in direct contact with our customers and gives us the opportunity to present our brand much more intensively and receive feedback for improvements.

With the action of the Peter Kaiser-Shoebar, every customer can have their own personal favorite shoe created for them. What inspired the company to offer this service and are custom-made bridal shoes planned?

Yes, we have a wedding shoebar that allows our customers to design their own shoes for this important day, be it material, shape, heel or decoration. In general, the Shoebar is a tool to respond to customer needs, as it is often not physically possible for the retailer to offer so many variants and possibilities. Personalization is another added benefit for the customers. It’s just a pleasure to be able to design your own shoes.

Can you give an idea of ​​what your customers can expect with the next Peter Kaiser Bridal Shoe Collection?

We are currently developing new details with exclusive jewelery pieces that stand for more individuality.

Bridal Times would like to thank the Peter Kaiser Team for the interview.

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