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One-of-a-Kind Wedding Suits from KUHN Maßkonfektion

A wedding – an unforgettable moment, a moment that unites us and is very special.

This is exactly how your suit should be. No matter which style you choose or which location you get married, you have come to the right place with KUHN.

From casual looks in rustic quality for vintage or outdoor boho-style weddings, to traditional looks for romantic weddings, to elegant tuxedos and extravagant royale jackets for pompous weddings. At KUHN you will find your very own custom-made wedding suit.

The new collection from KUHN includes looks for weddings at a barn or by the water, on romantic castles and palaces,  or in unusual locations such as old factories or rooftops. Modern and unusual designs give your outfit a unique character. The color palette ranges from pastel raspberry tones and old rose, putty gray and earth tones to denim blue, sky blue and olive in rich intensity. Deep black carbon black is also available for an elegant look.

In combination with the right accessories in a tonal or high-contrast style, you are able to create an unforgettable impression.

This is how your made-to-measure suit is created:

Fabric Selection & Configuration

Choose from our large selection of high-quality fabrics, some of which are made exclusively for KUHN. Our tailors then guide you through the configuration process and advise you on collars, cuffs and other individual details of high-quality tailor-made clothing.


Every piece of clothing at KUHN is individually made for you. Your dimensions play a very important role. Please be patient with this.

Manufacturing & Quality Control

After placing the order, the production process of your very own piece of clothing begins. Your personal pattern is created in our headquarters in Schneeberg Germany, the fabric is cut to size, sewn, equipped according to your wishes and subjected to several quality controls before your garment is sent to your store.

Fittings & Final Adjustments

After about five weeks or earlier if you wish, your new favorite piece will be ready to try on. During the fitting, one of our tailors will assess the result with you. If something does not fit, it will be corrected as soon as possible. Sometimes this can even be done on site at short notice.

For more information in the German language, visit KUHN Maßkonfektion