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MAGIC Bodyfashion Breaks Shapewear Stereotypes with New “ForEveryone” Collection

MAGIC Bodyfashion BV is proud to announce the launch of their new ultra-firm shapewear collection “ForEveryone”, available online at and in partner stores on October 15th.

This new collection is unique not only because of the fully bonded built-in panels at the waist, sides, and back to provide an extra firm yet comfortable fit, but also because it comes in the four most practical and beautiful styles: Bodysuit, Bodybriefer, Hi-Brief, and Hi-Shaper.






“ForEveryone” was given a special and very meaningful name which was inspired by current shapewear stereotypes and body-shaming comments that that are spread on social media. As the Total Body Solutions Brand, MAGIC Bodyfashion BV is responsible for bringing attention to this matter and standing against body shaming!

Many people think that body-shaming is something that only people who are considered plus size are subjected to. However, it is not just that. Body shaming is about criticizing any type of body. Even on MAGIC Bodyfashion’s social media, body-shaming comments occur from time to time. Sometimes it is about girls with visible cellulite or stomach rolls. But sometimes it is also comments such as: “This girl is way too skinny to wear shapewear”.

Our “ForEveryone” collection is here to show that shapewear, just like any other underwear or clothing is not made just for one body type and just to serve one purpose -“shape”. Shapewear can also make women feel comfortable, confident, and help them embrace their natural figure no matter their size!

EveryBODY has a perfect body! It’s all about perspective! #ForEveryone

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