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Justin Alexander Wedding: Breaking Down Kelsey Warshaw’s Wedding Looks

For those who were following the Italian dream wedding of Justin Warshaw, CEO of the Justin Alexander brand, and Kelsey (Turchi) Warshaw on the 30th of September, many of us were in great anticipation to see what the bride was going to wear on her BIG day.

Kelsey Warshaw breaks down each of her wedding day looks for us and the meaningful details behind each outfit.

Kelsey, can you tell us more about each outfit?

For the welcome party, I wore a custom Viktor & Rolf Mariage Pantsuit. This felt so true to my everyday style and had a super fun 60’s feel.

Viktor & Rolf Mariage Pantsuit

For the wedding ceremony, I wore a custom Justin Alexander Signature gown with long sleeves, deep V-neckline with a matching V-back, hand-placed beaded lace and exposed boning. I wanted something that was timeless, yet modern and fit well with the charm of the castle. The most special surprise was the hand-placed embroidery throughout the dress in Justin’s handwriting.

Justin Alexander Signature Wedding Gown

For dinner and the first-dance, I wore the Bobbie dress from the Justin Alexander Signature SS23 collection. We actually had a different dress designed for this look, but when I saw the Bobbie at the SS23 photoshoot, I knew I had to wear it! Justin designed this dress himself and it’s his favorite design, so it was only fitting that I was the first bride to wear it.

Ralf Lauren Wedding Suit/Bobby Gown

Once the dance party was in full swing, I slipped into a short custom, Justin Alexander Signature dress with a halter neckline, low back, exposed bodice and sparkle! The perfect dancing dress!

Short custom, Justin Alexander Signature Dress

For brunch I wore a custom Lillian West crop top and matching sheer skirt featuring a unique lace throughout.

Lillian West Gown

All of my looks were a surprise to Justin as we both wanted it to be that way!

How was it working with Justin’s team on every design?

I worked with Justin Alexander’s Chief of Design, Terri Hillferty to craft each and every bridal look. Terri created a unique and special look for each event, personalized and customized exactly to match my personality and style.

Do you have any special moments from the designing process? 

My mom and sister were able to be there for the first dress appointment. It was so special for us to share that moment and we all knew when we had found a winning style and design.

What was it like keeping everything a secret from Justin? 

It was really difficult for me to keep the looks secret from Justin. I really value his opinion and eye, and often turn to him for style advice when I’m putting an outfit together. He’s so talented and we’re super aligned on style, so part of me wanted his collaboration on the looks! A few weeks before the wedding, I actually asked him what he thought my ceremony dress would look like. He immediately answered “long sleeves, v-neck or high-neck and a dramatic train.” He nailed it.

How did it feel to finally reveal all the looks on the day of?

The only people who had seen my dress were my mom, sister and some members of the JA team, so it was super exciting to reveal each look to our friends and family. Seeing each guest’s reaction to all three looks was such a fun part of the wedding weekend and they were on lookout for the next dress all night! For Justin and I, the first look was very special and emotional. It made all the secret keeping worthwhile! After the ceremony, I got to reveal the Bobbie to him which was a proud moment for us both.

What was your favorite part of the entire process?

I feel so lucky because the entire experience was very intimate and personal. Working with Terri was such a joy. She knows both Justin and I very well, so together we were able to create looks we loved and knew Justin would also love. I will always cherish this experience and am so thankful to Terri and Justin for making my dress dreams come true!

Congratulations to the Newlyweds!

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