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Justin Alexander Launches New Brand ADORE

Justin Alexander proudly introduces new brand Adore

Justin Alexander, a leading design-driven bridal brand, is ready to appeal to all modern brides with a youthful and happy spirit by launching Adore by Justin Alexander. The brand emits a joyful atmosphere that celebrates authentic happiness, embraces an overall light and uplifting feeling.

Fashion-forward and girlish yet effortless gowns remain at the core of Adore and are designed for independent women with an active and modern lifestyle.

Designed with captivating garments which are chosen with a sure sense of spontaneous air of confidence, Adore brides are going to conquer the hearts of their new partners on their wedding day.

The company, founded in 1946, is now led by CEO and Creative Director Justin Warshaw, a native New Yorker. Justin set out and established the brand Adore for city brides. The Adore bride is informal, trendy and modern. She is open to the experiences and beauty that life offers. She is a source of joy for those around her. She is light-hearted and youthful. She has an authentic personality and is guided by passion. She is Adore.

Adore is launching with a FW20 collection. The collection will be showcased at the following international bridal shows this spring:

  • Rome Bridal Week, Rome, Italy, 14-16 March 2020
  • London Bridal Fashion Week, London, United Kingdom, 22-24 March 2020
  • European Bridal Week, Essen, Germany, 4-6 April 2020
  • Si Sposaitalia Collezioni, Milan, Italy, 17-20 April 2020
  • Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week, Barcelona, Spain, 24-26 April 2020
  • Interbride, Düsseldorf, Germany, 24-26 May 2020

For further information on Justin Alexander and the brand’s portfolio, visit Justin Alexander