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Interview with MarryLoo Traumkleid Bridal Boutique in Fredersdorf

Bridal Times had the honor to speak with business owners Christine Weigel and Steffi Böhm- Bartlomyzak of MarryLoo Traumkleid Bridal Boutique in Fredersdorf, Brandenburg about working together as a dynamic “duo”, what this year has been like for them and what brides want in a wedding dress for 2021/2022.

What inspired you to open a bridal shop as a “duo” and how long have you been in the business?

Our sweet and cherished bridal shop has been open since May 15th, 2018 at 3:05 pm, and at that time we celebrated the opening. The original inspiration or rather the idea, arose from Steffi’s own wedding dress search. We were forced to find what we were looking for, but the way to find it was not so positive. For the first time the thought came that it could be done better.

But the more we talked about it, the more an image of your own bridal shop developed. At some point we just got started and looked for a store and manufacturers. Then before we knew it, within 4 months and many 24-hour days, our business was established. Again, a huge big thank you to the men who lent their muscle strength and support while setting up our bridal shop.

How has working as a team strengthened your business?

Answering this question is not that easy for us. To explain, we have to admit that we have been friends for 12 years and neighbors for 5 years. In this friendship we have already gone through all the ups and downs together. As a result, we know each other, our rough edges and inside out. So it was clear right from the start who would be doing what. Steffi is responsible for the bridal shop floor operations and Tine for the administrative part. However, both of us love to accompany our brides on their way to finding their dream dress.

How has this year been for you and what do you hope for the coming months?

Regulations are different in every region and so many businesses are struggling to survive. This year we were able to open our doors for the first time on March 8th, 2021 and we were very happy about this. We were pleased that some brides have chosen to marry despite the adverse circumstances and make their dream come true. Nevertheless, one notices the effects of the lockdown or the restrictions massively. Many brides cannot plan and therefore postpone until 2022. We see that. The demand for appointments is still positive, but not in comparison to the previous year. We think that it will remain calm in the next few months and we hope for a strong second half of the year.

Now that the bridal shops are starting to open, tell us what bride are able to discover in your bridal shop?

Everything the heart desires. We have a wide variety of options and offer something for every taste. Whether it be a simple city hall dress or even a dream wedding dress in black, it can be found in our shop. Of course two-piece and boho gowns should not be left out either. It’s also possible to bring in your own ideas and wishes. We can order custom-made designs from a few manufacturers.

What would you say is unique about your bridal shop?

Us! We put the bride in the spotlight. Not only is the wedding an experience, but finding the dress should be a special moment as well. We make sure that brides and her guests feel welcome and comfortable in our shop. We always start out with a chat and use the opportunity to get to know one another and the nervousness subsides. Many find this kind of connection very pleasant compared to going straight into the changing room and putting on the first dress.

Have you noticed any new trends that brides are particularly fond of right now?

Light and sophisticated gowns. The trend is towards comfortable, simple dress styles with sophisticated lace tops. Two-pieces are also very popular at the moment, as they are very versatile and can be combined. Here you can, for example, wear a long skirt to the wedding ceremony and later switch to a short skirt and brides are able to be flexible.

What is your personal favorite trend or style?

Personally, we don’t have a real favorite trend. When you work in a store with lots of beautiful gowns every day, it is difficult to commit yourself. What we could both clearly say is what we wouldn’t wear heavy princess dresses. We are both very much the “comfortable type” for that.

Times are very uncertain at the moment. What do you say to brides who think they will have to give up on their dream dress due to the pandemic?

Luckily, we have not had to provide advice in this regard. Of course we have some brides who have postponed their weddings, but all of our brides were sure about their dress and want to keep it. Brides have made the decision to get married and the time will come – if not this year, then next year. Many also marry in a small circle in their dress and are happy if they can wear it a second time at the big subsequent celebration.

Are there any specific rules or guidelines that brides and couples should know before booking their appointments?

We do not have any rules or guidelines that we have created ourselves – the Corona measures are in place. The only “rule” is to feel comfortable with us. Brides are welcome to talk to us about anything else. We are open to a lot, because every bride is individual and places special value on other things.

What’s your best advice to couples considering getting married during these difficult times?

Maximum flexibility and mental strength!

This means that you can always adapt and adjust to the changes that arise spontaneously without falling into a large planning hole. Talk to the service providers openly and address problems and concerns. Many service providers want to help and be flexible to the wishes and framework conditions of the bridal couples. So please, rememer to always be open to conversation.

For more information, visit MarryLoo Traumkleid in the German language.