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Interview with Managing Director Stefanie Kox from Maleika Bridal Boutique & Wedding Planning

After the big launch of the Bridal Concept Store by Maleika Bridal Boutique & Wedding Planning in 2019, we had the chance to meet with the managing director, wedding planner and event manager, Stefanie Kox.

She also gives positive and encouraging advice to spouses-to-be, and reminds us of the most important reasons for getting married, even in difficult times.

Ms. Kox, in 2019 you had just opened your new Bridal Concept Store. How has the journey been since then?

Exactly, we moved into our new, larger premises in September 2019 and we got off to a wonderful start! We were allowed to advise and accompany many brides and have really made many brides happy.

It just felt great! The cooperation with the brides, our customers. We are still happy today that we took this step.

Now that the brides can schedule appointments, tell us what the future bride can discover in your bridal shop?

We carry modern bridal fashion. Classic, sexy, modern, stylish, romantic, cool – every bride can find something with us! We choose the dresses that best suit our brides from the collections of our various designers. Our selection is large, but not too huge, so that it is not easy to lose track of things. This is particularly important to me. We don’t want to overwhelm our customers, we want to make them happy.

I would say we have a nice mix.

Have you noticed a change in the 2020/2021 selection of wedding dress styles?

Flowing dresses are more and more in demand. It should be comfortable and beautiful.

Just like “something special”. Other, modern lace, applications in the form of bows or flowers, sleeves or overskirts that are removable, 3D elements. We have often noticed that the desire for an additional “highlight” on the dress is growing, but basically every bride wants one thing: to find her dress that underlines her style and her self! And that’s our goal. <3

What do you say to brides who think the pandemic will make them give up their dream dress?

Nobody has to give up their dream dress! We always find a way with our customers. Whether it’s bridal pickups, video consultations or whatever – we were able to help every bride in all lockdowns and found her dream dress. And I’m still confident that we can do it together!

Do you currently have a personal favorite trend or style?

I really like the classic interpreted in a modern way.

From August we will also be adding more designers – for example JUSTIN ALEXANDER SIGNATURE and JA. There are beautiful dresses in the collections. You can even consider getting married again yourself.

Not only do they have a bridal boutique, they also offer wedding planning. Tell us more about it!

That’s right, we also look after wedding couples during the planning phase. Not so easy for both parties at the moment, but we love our industry, our passion and that’s why it’s important to us to make our bridal couples feel good. Even if it’s not always easy, because you just don’t know in which direction it will develop.

What’s your best advice to couples considering getting married during these difficult times?

Don’t forget why you want to get married: For love!

That is the most important thing – always! Even in these times!

And if it is now only a civil ceremony in a small circle or even just for two and then later with a big party, a church wedding or a free ceremony. That’s fine too. Love must of course be celebrated, but all in good time. But first and foremost, it’s about the bride and groom, about a bond for life. And that should always be in the foreground. And to be honest: the parties after Corona will be really great parties – every wedding planner can promise that!

Can couples still have the wedding of their dreams, even if it’s much smaller than they imagined?

Micro-weddings / tiny weddings – a trend that will probably also catch on a bit, because the newlyweds are now getting married more consciously and are also spending their monetary resources in a more targeted manner.

The focus is more and more on togetherness and thus the bride and groom will filter exactly what they spend their budget on.

Photographer, wedding dress, suit. These are things for eternity because they are held on. I think that there will be no savings here.

A shortened guest list doesn’t mean that the wedding won’t be so nice either. Often the intimate, small celebrations create the moments for eternity. And maybe bachelor parties will also experience a new high in the future. There is rumble with friends and neighbors and weddings are celebrated with the family!

Basically, it’s just about one thing: being together and celebrating love. And you can certainly do that several times in a row. In a micro bachelorette party and then in a micro wedding. As long as the bride and groom want it that way, everything is correct. It has to feel good and right.

And if you want to celebrate a wedding with 200 people, that’s nice and right. We’ll probably just have to wait a little longer for that.

Are there any specific rules or guidelines that brides and couples should know before booking their appointments?

Regulate? No. You should just plan enough time and quickly inquire about the service providers you want.

Otherwise I always say: Your Wedding – Your Rules!

Finally: what are your hopes for the next few months and the year 2021?

My hope. That our industry is also heard. We have been lying idle for almost 13 months and have little prospect because, in my opinion, the federal government itself does not know what to do or what is the right thing to do. I understand on the one hand, but on the other hand I cannot understand why one does not think outside the box. And doesn’t even sweep in front of your own front door. Again and again you get the feeling that politicians stand in front of us with their forefingers up and scold us.

Moving from lockdown to lockdown is not the way to go in my opinion. I already said on sternTV that this cannot be our future. I hope that the government will pick up speed “governing”, loosening its bureaucratic ways and that we will get out of the pandemic faster than most of us fear.

So many industries urgently need prospects and I just hope that something will happen soon. And not only entrepreneurs need a prospect of improvement. We as humans too. We want to meet people, celebrate, have fun, experience things together. And especially children. But that’s another topic.

We would like to thank Stefanie Kox for this interview.

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Image source: Alina Cürten Fine Art Weddings