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Interview with Award Nominated Bridal Salon by Andrea Masser

As a two time winner of the Austrian Wedding Award for “Best Bridal Salon” 2018/19 and a nominee for the 2020 awards, Bridal Times caught up with Andrea Masser of “Braut & Makeup Boutique”,  to find out more about her successful boutique and helpful tips for brides.

What inspired you to open a bridal boutique in 2016?

Back then I was looking for something new, for a challenge. I had previous experience in the wedding area and wanted to implement my own ideas. Often things come up to you “only” have to decide without being influenced by anything. That I made the right decision back then shows me today that I would do it again and again!

What is unique about your business?

I always wanted to be different! What makes us special and unique is that we offer a very private atmosphere, as well as a wide range of bridal wear, accessories, shoes, wedding styling on site, spray tanning and vintage wedding cars – all from a single source. Of course, I offer my knowledge as a trained color, type and style consultant and make-up artist. So I can give the bride competent advice from head to toe. Two times in a row in 2018 and In 2019 we were recognized as the best bridal shop in Austria at the Austrian Wedding Award, this year 2020 we are already in the final for the third time on January 27, 2020, we will know more and that makes me particularly proud!

If you could give advice to a bride before looking for a wedding dress, what would it be?

It is advisable to not make more than one appointment per day as it will be too much. Do not take more than 3 companions with you, it’s too many opinions. Be inspired and be open. Do not worry too much beforehand, and don’t just focus on one style.

Are there any preferred styles or trends that you have noticed with brides in Austria in general or in your area?

The trend is increasingly towards simpler dresses … simple and flowing skirts combined with lace tops. Or deep cutouts with transparent tops. But not every bridal trend fits! Most brides come up with ideas based on pictures and in most cases end up with something completely different. It is important that the figure and character of the bride show well in the wedding dress. And as a trained style consultant, I like to give that to every bride! My job is to get to know the bride shortly in terms of character – then I can give her perfect advice. A wedding dress advice needs a lot of sensitivity and sensitivity to the bride. At the moment, I can say this is not just a job for me but a passion and calling that I can fulfill out.

Brides will not only find their dream dress with you, but can get special tanning treatments and makeup done. What would you say is the ideal make-up bridal look?

I have been offering special airbrush makeup for occasions and weddings for many years. It is important to me to respond to the wishes of the customer and then to bring her closer to my ideas. Make-up should not be in the foreground but underline it. You need a lot of feeling and knowledge of people as well as a lot of experience! Spray-tanning is a natural spray tan and is often used by women or men who want to avoid sunbathing or who are difficult to tan. It is a good and healthy alternative to sun and solarium, is affordable and isn’t time-consuming.

What are the typical mistakes that the brides make with spray tanning or bridal make-up for their wedding day?

A definite mistake with make-up or spray-tanning is to over exaggerate. It is up to us to advise the customer well. It’s important to choose the right colors for the skin type and I can certainly advise you as a trained color consultant. Most brides come with pictures of how they would like to look but the person in the picture looks very different from the customer – visually and also in character. My job is to of course meet customer requirements, but I also like to say “No”!

In a job with lots of emotions, how do you protect yourself from too much stress?

That is right and is a learning process. Protecting myself from stress is a challenge since I am a perfectionist, but I try to balance myself in my free time. Although I have to say that if you like your job it is easier to deal with. And here too you have to recognize your limits and say “No”!

What is the best part of your day?

Every moment is nice for me, because my job is my passion. I enjoy it and don’t have to work but want to! The best part of the day is of course when I can make many future brides happy. Or when I get a touching “Thank You” cards or messages!

What was the best advice you got from someone as a bridal shop owner?

The best advice was and is “do it” if the feeling is right. You shouldn’t think further because by thinking too much about it, you block yourself and will miss out on so much in life. I am thankful and proud that I took this step and fulfilled my dream.