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INTERBRDE presents brands that are strong on evening and special occasion wear in a separate dedicated area for the first time.

5-8 May, 2018 - Dusseldorf

At this year’s INTERBRIDE, which begins in May, the international trade visitors will experience a cluster dedicated to evening and special occasion wear for the first time. More than 30 specialist manufacturers will show their collections there, including the top European brand “Unique”. As the trade show organisers believe that this segment will grow significantly in future, the evening wear ordering business is bound to attract a great number of additional visitors.


Düsseldorf – INTERBRIDE visitors will experience future fashion trends, as the international specialist retailers will order what will be in fashion for brides and grooms in 2019 a year before that at this trade show in Düsseldorf.

Now in its sixth year, the INTEBRIDE is introducing a new extra focus: evening and special occasion wear. The reason for this is as simple as it is obvious. In the bride’s circle alone, the mother of the bride, the maid of honour, the bridesmaids and all of the wedding guests need suitable outfits. Throughout the year, there are many other special occasions such as school leaving balls and proms, formal dinners etc.

Special occasion wear perfectly reflects excitement of the current upsurge 

The market figures prove that evening wear is currently enjoying an upsurge in popularity. What has been an ongoing trend in the USA has now also arrived in Europe. Market leader “Unique” will be exhibiting at the INTERBRIDE for the first time.

“Essentially, we are talking about two closely related markets here. Both involve extensive consultations and are extremely service-oriented, as the customers decide to visit a specialist retailer with high expectations. Like a wedding, any occasion that calls for evening wear is always a very special event, so the specialist retailers must also apply the entire spectrum of their expertise to the consultation: Their in-depth knowledge of fabrics, the latest fashions and matching accessories; they must also offer a wide choice and an alteration service,” explains the INTERBRIDE’s Hermann Thole, who has been advising the trade show’s management team for the past year. Before joining the team, Hermann Thole managed his own bridal fashion shop for more than 30 years, which also sold evening wear.

“The specialist retailers will see the latest trends at the INTERBRIDE. More than 30 international specialists will be coming to the show this year to present their collections. That is an amazing number compared to other international trade shows,” he summarises the extremely impressive developments over the past few months.

Premiere: Evening and special occasion wear in a separate cluster

The organisers have dedicated an extra area of more than 2,000 square metres in fully booked Hall 8a to this up-and-coming segment, thereby indicating its clearly important role in what’s happening at the trade show.
Thanks to the new hall concept, the flow of visitors will now pass all stands on the “Avenue of Emotions” circular route. “By presenting related companies with a similar target group in the same area, we have improved the hall layout and have also significantly reduced the distances the visitors have to cover, which makes the experience more comfortable for them. Considering their packed ordering schedules, they are bound to appreciate this. There are also seating areas and bars along the Avenue where the visitors can recharge their batteries and network,” says Thole, explaining the hall concept, which was completely redesigned in the show’s sixth year and now features an additional highlight with this new cluster.

A fashion segment that is taking off

Special occasion wear is fashionable, with women as well as with men; it is pushing the industry’s turnover figures up and has also increased the buyer spectrum. Especially young women celebrate the purchase of a party outfit and come to the shop together with their friends; for male buyers, the prom has now become the second most important reason for purchasing a “going out” outfit after their own wedding.

Disseminator bride-to-be? Hermann Thole’s experiences certainly confirm this. “Additional purchases by those accompanying the bride represent real sales opportunities. I believe that one result of this is an extremely important point: Of course, a wedding is all about the bridal couple. However, the reception guests make an important contribution to the wedding: Their looks and outfits can turn a mere party into a truly festive occasion.”

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