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Germany’s Wedding Statistics 2018


The number of annual marriages in Germany increased by 2.6% to 410,000 in 2016.  But how do the bridal couples marry in Germany? And can new trends be identified?

Based on a large nationwide survey at wedding fairs and on online platforms in autumn / winter 2017/2018, cariñ has developed a study that shows what is important to newlyweds for their 2018 and 2019 weddings. Which wedding style and colors are the most popular? What average budget is planned for the wedding reception? And of course: How do the bridal couples approach social media before, during and after the wedding?

Bridal Times is pleased to share parts of this study with our international readers.

*The full report and tables are only provided in the German language.


45.06% of newlyweds spend 12-18 months planning their wedding. Approximately One-third celebrate their wedding after less than a year of planning time. This is an interesting development, contrary to a trend in the wedding industry, as many photographers and locations are already booked out 1.5 years in advance – especially for weddings in spring and summer.

Who takes over what?

All areas during the wedding preparations are done between 37and 95% together by the newlyweds. But there are also some areas that are taken by the bride or the groom alone.

The bride often takes care of the wedding cake, decoration, gifts and stationery. The groom, on the other hand, is dedicated to honeymoon, music and wedding transportation.

Wedding Theme, Bridal Gown, Rings, Honeymoon:

How concrete are the ideas of the couple?

The bride and groom were asked how concrete their vision of ideas were about the following aspects at the beginning of the wedding preparations. They should rate them on a scale of 1 (no concrete idea) to 10 (very specific ideas).

  • Bride / Groom outfit
  • Expiry of the wedding party
  • Wedding motto catering
  • Photos / Videos of the wedding
  • honeymoon
  • Wedding rings

On average, 22 – 28% of newlyweds have very specific ideas about outfits, catering, photos / videos, honeymoons and wedding rings at 9 – 10. 43% of the bride and groom had no idea about the wedding motto (rating 1 – 2), only 15% had concrete ideas here.

Approximately one fifth of the respondents stated that they had very specific ideas about the outfit (22%), and this was stated by the interviewed couples in Wolfsburg (30%), Cologne (29%) and Berlin (29%). The brides and grooms in Ludwigsburg (17%) and Stuttgart (16%) have less precise ideas about wedding dress and wedding suit.

On average, only 12% of couples at the start of wedding preparations had very specific ideas about the celebration. An absolute exception is the bridal couples from Cologne, of which 26% answered this question of scale with 9 or 10. It is noticeable that the bridal couples in the south had hardly any concrete idea about the wedding party (Stuttgart: 8%, Ludwigsburg: 11%). Overall, 14% of all bridal couples surveyed had little idea of ​​the celebration at the beginning of their wedding planning.

The source of inspiration

The bridal couples were asked how important subsequent sources of inspiration for their own wedding planning are or were. They should rate them on a scale of 1 (unimportant) to 10 (very important).

  • Websites, Blogs, Google
  • Social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest
  • Magazines and magazines
  • wedding fairs
  • Books
  • Recommendations from friends / acquaintances
  • Recommendations from relatives

Searches on websites, blogs and Google (9-10: 50%) as well as on social networks like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram (9 – 10: 33%) are the main sources of inspiration for newlyweds. Magazines (1 – 2: 30%) and books (1 – 2: 58%) are rated as less important by the bridal couple. Only 11% rate wedding magazines as an important source of inspiration. On average, a quarter of respondents rated friends ‘recommendations as valuable, and 20% also rated relatives’ recommendations. Referrals from friends are valued nationwide a little more valuable. Exceptions are Ludwigsburg and Brunswick.

The wedding concept

Although bridal couples claim that their wedding tends to not to be classic or under the motto of elegant classic, the favorite wedding colors reflect the opposite. Thus, the modern wedding themes are implemented with a mixture of well-known and new wedding colors. This can be attributed, however, above all to the natural themes and vintage, in which the colors green and white can be perfectly used.

Vintage is still the most popular topic among the bridal couples (24.8%). Also individual topics such as hobbies or interests of newlyweds are also very popular with 21.6%. Traditional themes, such as a classic or Bavarian wedding are favored by just 1.6% of newlyweds. Current trend themes are also taken up such as Greenery, Boho and the Pantone color of the year 2018, Ultra Violet

Social media at the wedding: yes or No?

On average, 33% of respondents see social networks as an important source of inspiration. Especially bridal couples from Wolfsburg and Cologne (41% each) use the social networks intensively to be inspired for the wedding. Only 22% of respondents tend not to use social networks as a source of inspiration for wedding planning, and rated them only as 1 or 2. Especially in Kiel (28%) and Brunswick (32%), these are not very significant.

It is hardly noticeable that particularly image-heavy social media, such as Facebook (81.39%), Pinterest (61.11%) and Instagram (40.83%) are used by the newlyweds for wedding planning as sources of inspiration. Even YouTube has a great importance with 28.61%.

Especially on Facebook, the bride and groom can start their own group and provide on this channel, the guests before and after the wedding with information. Pinterest serves as a passive medium more of its own inspiration. For some years now, Instagram has seen many brides interact actively with certain hashtags, such as #weddingwednesday or # bridal2018, to build a joint planning community.

The wedding budget

Nearly 30% of newlyweds plan their wedding party with a budget of 10,000 – 15,000 €. 22.73% set themselves a range of € 7,500 – € 10,000, and a good 15% are even prepared to invest € 15,000 -20,000 for the big day.

The big items in the budget distribution, for which the bride and groom plan the most budget, are the honeymoon (Ø 2.388 €), other items (Ø 2.334 €), the location rental (without menu and drinks) with Ø 1.821 € and the wedding dress with Ø 1.299 €.

The wedding celebrations are financed with a mixture of savings and borrowed money.

To answer the question, several answers were allowed. 90% of the bridal couples surveyed said that they used their own savings and 10% are prepared to finance a part or the entire wedding with the help of a loan. Around 40% of newlyweds can look forward to the support of their parents.

Information about the study

A total of 1,367 women and men attended the wedding fairs between September 2017 – February 2018

  • Traumhochzeit in Ludwigsburg
  • YES! Die Hochzeitsmesse im Ritz Carlton in Wolfsburg
  • TrauDich in Hannover
  • The Wedding Show by GALA in Berlin
  • TrauDich in Köln
  • TrauDich in Stuttgart
  • Feiern & Heiraten in Braunschweig
  • Hochzeitsmesse Kiel – FESTIVAL DER HOCHZEIT

Also interviewed in the context of two online surveys Hochzeitsportal24 and the wedding blog The Little Wedding Corner. 85.11% of the participants were female, 14.12% of the participants were male. The online surveys showed that most of the participants came from North Rhine-Westphalia (18.91%), followed by Bavaria (17.18%) and Baden-Württemberg (13.02%).

The average age of the participants is given as 51.59% between 26 and 30 years. About 20% of respondents say that they are 31-35 years old or 20-25 years old. Also, the average age of the partner is given by the majority (37.59%) with 26-30 years. 27.39% of the partners are 20 – 25 years old, 21.42% 31-35 years old. It is striking that 5.53% of the partners are under 20 years old.

We are pleased to have shared some of this study on Bridal Times.

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