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Why G. Westerleigh Shoes are One of the Most Popular Bridal Shoe Brands in Europe

Reasons why G.Westerleigh shoes are one of the most popular bridal shoes throughout Europe

Are there any bridal shoes on the market that you can wear for more than 12 hours without causing any discomfort? The answer is YES! The bridal shoes of G.Westerleigh meet this important requirement.

Every year, in the designing process of our G. Westerleigh brand shoes,  maximum comfort and the  appropriate trendy design play the major role. The shoes must be as comfortable as the dancing shoes are and should have the characteristics of the latest trends at the same time.

The new Bridal Wonderland Collection was inspired by the amazing process that brides go through in preparation for their Big Day. We took into account the current bridal trends, which we combined with classic elements. This year pearls (including freshwater pearls), floral elements and sparkling crystals, which suggest delicate elegance, took center stage in our collection.

The choice of shoe heels can depend on several factors. For example, the bride’s height, what shoes she wears in her private life, whether she strives for safety, how fashion-sensitive she is. Last but not least, the location of the wedding venue can also play a role in the decision. Should the ceremony be held in a church or on the seashore or in nature, etc. It can also effect the decision when choosing the bridal shoes with a certain kind of heel.

In any case, we can conclude that this time the most popular type of heel, with which our brides all over Europe choose our shoes, is the block heel, be it medium or high.

Why our bridal shoes are so popular?

  • Maximum comfort – Our shoes are cushioned not only at the foot, but also at the heel, which is currently unique on the market. Furthermore, they have thick gelled insole and genuine leather sole lining.
  • High quality – Luxury quality is reflected in the smallest details. Each pair is handmade and produced with great care.
  • Even after the wedding, our shoes can be worn at any elegant occasion or event.
  • We design our models with several heel and toe forms and heights, not to mention the wide variety of embellishments so that every bride can find the matching shoes to her wedding dress style.
  • G.Westerleigh also thinks about the mothers’ of the bride and the bridesmaids. Our nude and blush colour shoes were created also for them. The collection includes our unique and very popular bridal sneakers, which also prove to be a perfect choice for bridal gowns and also for the after parties.

We provide in each of our shoe’s box an elegant dust bag with our logo and a couple of surprises as a gift: a pair of gel pads and heel grips that give the brides extra comfort in addition to the padded interior of the shoes. The box also includes an extra pair of heel replacement tips where appropriate. We add two types of shoelaces to the sneakers: an organza and a satin shoelace to ensure that the shoes and the dress are in perfect harmony even in the smallest detail.

We at the Team of G.Westerleigh do our best that every bride can find the perfect pair of shoe for the big day! We look forward to meeting you at the European Bridal Week in Essen between 1-3 April, 2023.

Westerleigh Brand

Our brand has a 25 year long history selling wedding accessories, and currently they are available in almost every European country. At G.Westerleigh, every bride can find the perfect matching wedding accessories such as bridal shoes, necklaces and earrings sets, bracelets, hair ornaments etc. The Grooms are also not forgotten, as they can also choose from our exclusive and wide variety of cufflinks and leather belts.

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