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Energy and Enthusiasm – The First Bridal Business Sales Summit in Berlin

A Sweeping Success- the very first Bridal Business Sales Summit for Bridal Shops in Germany.

With much anticipation and excitement, the very first Bridal Business Sales Summit took place on the 19th of June, 2022 in capital of Berlin. An estimated 80 bridal shops from all over Germany including Luxemburg attended the Summit to network and gain valuable knowledge to push their businesses forward.

The energy was high in the fully packed seminar hall at the Maritime Hotel in Berlin, as bridal shops were able to come together for the first time in a specialized training seminar, specifically for bridal shops. Attendees were greeted with a lively atmosphere, refreshments, surprise treats and of course training workbooks. All united with the same business goals, bridal shops interacted with one another and listened in to experienced branch experts in the business.

Main Speaker and Host, Anja Grosche of Bridal Business Coaching was meet with a standing ovation as she took the stage to talk about main topics and issues concerning bridal shop owners of today. Anja was able to engage with her audience, humorously at times, by identifying the different types of brides and how bridal stylists can best understand and connect with their brides.

Anja Grosche from Bridal Business Coaching

Anja covered the main phases of the sales process beginning with the first meeting of the bride to closing out the sale. She also stressed that the right “Mindset and Energy” is key to success, and that it’s also OK to seek out support in difficult situations to maintain that positive energy the brides deserve.

Peter Michel from “Just Brides”

The next speaker to take the stage was Peter Michel from “Just Brides”- Online Marketing for Bridal Stores. Peter was able to clearly identify the marketing needs of bridal shops and provide the audience with valuable tips and essential “Do’s and Don’ts” of online marketing. A special take-a-way: He even shared great ideas on how to remain in the minds of brides, even after they leave the bridal shop and say, “I need to think about it.”

Sebastian Fröder from Psychology in Business

Psychology also plays a major role in bridal business, and that is why Sebastian Fröder from “Psychology in Business” was up next to take the stage at the Summit. Sebastian provided the audience with a new and interesting perspective on how bridal shops present themselves, their businesses and how consumers perceive them. He shared how bridal shops can create a positive frame around their businesses and how to properly communicate and convey competence in an effective way. With such a vast topic, Sebastian recommended his newly authored “The Black Book” to get an in depth understanding of Psychology in Business and how to apply it in your own business.

The Seminar was rounded off with a second phase of the sales process, followed by special “Thank You” to everyone that helped to make this event possible. The Summit team was praised once again with a standing ovation, cheers and there were even tears from some in the room at the end of the Summit – A signal that such an event in support of furthering the businesses of bridal shops was long overdue and much needed in our industry.

Anja says, “I couldn’t be happier that the very first Summit turned out to be an absolute success, and we’ve had such amazing feedback from the bridal shops. This is just the start to something bigger.”

And it seems rightly so, as the BBC team has announced the next upcoming event for bridal shops The Bridal Business Marketing Summit, on the 23rd of October in Frankfurt, followed by a smaller and more exclusive mix of work and vacation, the Bridal Business Bootcamp in Teneriffa from the 6th-9th of November.

For further detailed information on upcoming training events other training opportunities in the German language visit: Bridal Business Coaching

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