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Emerging Talent in Bridal: Exclusive Interview with Studio Serravalle

In 2022, Bridal Times had the honor to speak with the new emerging talent in bridal, Riccardo Serravalle on the launch of his very own collection together with his sibling, after many years working as a designer for leading bridal brands.

Just one year after the launch of Studio Serravalle’s first collection, Riccardo and his sister Ida, have expanded their line to include a broader range of brides, launched their new 2024 collections and will now be featured on the international bridal runway stage.

Riccardo, what has it been like for you and your team to receive such a positive response from retailers and industry professionals after the launch of your first collection in 2023?

Our first Collection “Metaphysical” was a refreshing compliment in the Bridal Industry, this is what store owners have told us several times. We had our very first presentation last year in July in Berlin, which was followed by the “One Fine Day Bridal Market” in New York. It was an unbelievable experience that I could share together with my Mother, for which I am so thankful. After our first year, we are now represented in the DACH & BENELUX Region, but we were also able to obtain clients overseas such as in the United States and Hong Kong.

Metaphysical Collection PEYL Gown

The first 2023 collection “Metaphysical” is a fusion of cool and modern. How has your collection evolved over the year and what are you working on next?

The 2023 Collection was inspired by the Callas Flower, which stands for rebirth and metaphysical transformation, and my intention was to reset. Especially because we were coming from these 2 years of COVID, so I had to have a re-birth! After building the base of our studio, we have actually tripled our assortment over the past few months and added two more collection lines to our portfolio. We want to make our designs accessible for a broader range of women and give more “LOVE STORIES, the chance to be shared”. So we created the following:

SERRAVALLE – WHITE LABEL is our CORE LINE with the expressive DNA of the minimalist, gender-inclusive style, and is a fusion of traditional tailoring with modern excellence. All the aspects defined by us, such as high-quality workmanship, sustainable materials, remains key across all designs of this collection.

Enya Gown White Label

SERRAVALLE – BLACK LABEL is our STUDIO LINE, which combines new technologies and the timelessly elegant handwriting to address an even more sophisticated bride. By creating new volumes and layering, we have achieved a new sartorial craftsmanship, which is an evolution to our very pure designs. This new refined femininity is pointing to brides of tomorrow in encouraging indivisibility in its new version.

Brit Gown Black Label

SERRAVALLE – RED LABEL is our PARTY LINE and “A TRIBUTE TO OUR GRANDMOTHERS”. Ida is not only the name of my sister, it was our Grandma on my father’s side, from which she got her name. She was a strong woman of discipline, who took care of the well-being of the family alongside her husband in Calabria, Italy, which is translated in the collection with clear lines of the pattern and silhouettes. On the other side, our grandmother Carmela, who is well-known for her red lips, from which the delicacy and elegance of this collection is inspired. Red lips stand for creativity and courage, anyone who wears red is extroverted, likes to party and is socially independent. My sister, Ida has commented for this very reason, it was immediately clear that our labeling for this collection would shine in its’ brilliant red color. An exceptional selection of black party styles with the StudioSerravalle design details complimenting the Bridal Line. We are excited to say that we are currently working on the photoshoot for the Red Label, and can’t wait to share these images as well.

Congratulations on the launch of the 2024 Celestial Collection! Tell us about it!

The 2024 COLLECTIONS – CELESTIAL are inspired by the unspoken northern polar lights or as well commonly known as “AURORA BOREALIS” – a natural light display in Earth sky, predominantly seen in high-latitude regions (around the Arctic and Antarctic). Auroras display dynamic patterns of brilliant lights that appear as curtains, rays, spirals, or dynamic flickers covering the entire sky. The lights show up at night when the sky is dark. It’s like a celestial ballet of light dancing across the night sky, with a color palette of green, blue, and sometimes even pink and violet. After our Metaphysical rebirth, we are now in the magical chapter of transformation in our brand.

We have used for the very first time light materials such as Chiffon, Tulle and worked all our bead work on a very light illusional base in order to achieve this solar lightness into an exceptional tailoring shape. Across the collections, you will see shades of Champagne, Nude and Glitter effects that are a tribute to comets or Atmospheric stars. For all 2024 Brides-to-Be, this will be an unforgettable & unlimited celestial experience.

Is there a gown or bridal look that you are particularly excited about?

Last year, my favorite Dress of the Collection was Style: PEYL. This year, I want to feature in particular Style: AURORA! It is the mystical and romantic Design, that embodies the spirit of the collection with its’ light beaded embroidery. Like polar lights, the gown sweeps across the body and wraps gently around the neck. It has a deep neck holder neckline and the detachable scarf element, which  you will see as one of our main elements in the collection, as the new veil.

Aurora Gown

 What is next for Studio Serravalle?

The rumors are all true! We are going to exhibit for the first time at European Bridal Week from 1-3. April in Essen. This makes me very happy as I have known Siegrid Hampsink, Director of the European Bridal Week, for such a long time and we actually wanted to exhibit last year but could not manage it on time. Currently, one of our strongest markets is the DACH & BENELUX Region, for which it was a must to be there and meet the stores. But this is not all. Another BIG NEWS is that we have the great opportunity to exhibit and showcase our new collections at the Barcelona Bridal Week. YES, we still cannot believe it! For this very special reason, we want to GIVEAWAY 2x Tickets for our Big Debut on the Runway during the “NEW TALENTS”  Show on Saturday, 22. April  at 10:00am!

Be sure to follow @StudioSerrvalle and @bridaltimesnews to find out more details about the Barcelona “New Talents” ticket GIVEAWAY.”

For more information on the brand, visit Studio Serravalle

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