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Demetrios: Taking Inspiration from a Family Business

You may have seen the name Eleni Elias on the Evening Collection of the Demetrios brand or have even noticed her name on the brand new collection of Metropolitan 2018. American born Elenia Elias is a young woman from an inspiring family and the daughter of world’s most prestigious and iconic bridal designers – Demetrios.

Demetrios James Elias was born in Greece and immigrated with his family to the United States when he was young boy. His parents owned a bridal store in Ohio and it was then that he discovered his talent and passion for designing wedding dresses, while assisting his parents in the bridal store. He realized his dream of owning his own company and acquired Ilissa Bridals which is now 35 year later, ILISSA Fashion Group.

But the talent and creativity didn’t stop there. His family continues to be involved in the business and Eleni Elias plays an integral role in the creative, artistic direction and communication aspect of the brand. You tend to wonder, what it’s like to have a dad as a big time designer! Eleni laughs, “It’s amazing. He is just so innovative, very particular and unique in his ability to design. He was one of the first to move away from the puffy sleeves in the 90’s, and I think that one should never be afraid to something new.”

The Ilissa Fashion Group offers 8 different bridal collections designed by Demetrios with the help of a partner and creative input from the entire team. In a bridal fashion industry where there are so many different options, staying on top of creativity challenge. Eleni contributes their success to staying true to the brand and being focused on their next steps. “We are not afraid to push the boundaries and we have a clear idea of the kind of message we would like to bring out for the next season.”

The latest brand new collection to be seen is the Metropolitan 2018 The Rio Line, which features wedding looks for the urban bride with a dynamic lifestyle. The premiere collection features light fabrics, understated necklines, and smooth silhouettes. For those who choose to have their wedding day at the town hall, Metropolitan would be a great choice.  “Metropolitan is an extension of the brand with beautiful sleek, chic fabrics for city brides. We will be featuring the line at all the major fairs in Europe for 2018 along with our main Demetrios Platinum.”

Each one of collections consists of unique styles featuring different fabrics, textures, laces which caters to every style of bride whether it be the fairytale look, traditional, urban or vintage. “We are going for a look for every girl in style and quality. It’s an opportunity for brides to express who they are. It’s their day and we are happy to be able to tell that story.”

As for what Eleni foresees to be the upcoming bridal fashion trends in 2018, “I think we will see a move away from ivory and more of a pop in color. We will see more sleeves, off the shoulder dresses, capes and the innovative detachable trains creating 2 looks from 1 dress. Brides are becoming more daring and adventurous and I believe we will be seeing more of this in the upcoming seasons.”

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