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Comfortable and Stylish- “The Perfect Bridal Company” Bridal Shoe

Bridal Retailers in Germany should be pleased to know that the Perfect Bridal Company, a family-run business founded in the UK, has just recently expanded operations in Germany in order to cater better to European customers.

Known for their comfort, The Perfect Bridal Company specializes in bridal and occasion shoes in a variety of styles. The product line also includes communion shoes, handbags – both bridal and occasion, belts, veils, hair and shoe accessories.

According to the Perfect Bridal Company, their mission is to design beautiful shoes that don’t compromise on comfort. The bridal shoe company takes their inspiration from classic vintage styles to the very latest in fashion.


When it comes to comfort, the Perfect Bridal Company says, “All our shoes are made to provide the highest level of comfort the specific shoe design allows. We believe shoes should make you feel great, not only because they look amazing, but because they cushion and support your feet all day long. Our shoes have extra cushioning throughout the insole as standard, and many of our styles have a cushioned lining, too – combined with great technical design for supreme comfort. We want all our brides to be able and ready to dance the night away!”

As for 2021, the company adds “For this year, we focus our trends on Hollywood glam from the 50s with classic forms and lots of bling, 1920s Gatsby chic reminiscent of the Roaring 20s as well as playful polka dots.”


“We also have simple, classic designs for those who prefer a cleaner look. There are bridal trainers, flats and heels in a wide range of heights and heel shapes to choose from. Most designs come with the option of a matching handbag.”

To counter the challenges brought on by Brexit this year, the Perfect Bridal Company began to additionally operate from a German location to make trade easier for our European customers, specifically to avoid unnecessary cost and long delivery times. With operations taking place in the heart of Europe, the bridal shoe company is now closer to key clients and is able cater to customer needs.


Besides the logistics, the company introduced brand new styles in both bridal and occasion shoes, such as the gorgeous Isla, a classic block heel with beautiful sequence mesh detail, Katelyn for that extra glamour and stylish new bridal trainers Oakley with ivory petal lace, just to name a few.


When asked about their outlook for 2022, the company positively says, “With the caution warranted by the times, we are actually quite excited and optimistic for a strong 2022. We are very confident in the quality of our product and have made meaningful improvements that pertain to the needs of the European market as compared to the British one.

“We were able to make significant increase in our brand profile both in the UK as well as the EU and we were able to win some great people for our staff with whom we will confidently make it to the next level. And most importantly, we are looking forward to working with even more great and unique shops and businesses that help us bring our products to their brand new owners.”

For further information, visit The Perfect Bridal Company