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Catching up with Randy Fenoli : The U.S Celebrity & Designer of Randy Fenoli Bridal

Bridal Times had the great honor to catch up with U.S. celebrity designer, Randy Fenoli, at the Global Bridal House Event in Amsterdam this last February, to talk about his BIG engagement news, the latest highlights of the Randy Fenoli Collections and affordable bridal luxury.

How has it been for you to be back in Europe after 2 years to showcase your collections again?

It has really given me such an appreciation to be out and working after 2 years of Covid. I am not going to complain about working hard anymore since sitting at home is ten times worse!

Congratulations on your engagement to your partner Mete Kobal! Are you able to spill any details on your upcoming wedding?

We haven’t planned a wedding yet, and my guess is that it will be in 2024. The engagement was such a huge occasion with music and flowers, the venue, the catering, the rings, everything! And to keep it a secret from my fiancé when we lived together was difficult. I am still recovering from the engagement party!

Have you thought about what you are going to wear on your wedding day yet?

Oh yes, we already have that picked out! I can’t just wear a normal tuxedo, but I also don’t want to wear something too trendy, where I look back on my wedding photos and regret it. It’s going to be very classic but very unique, and we will both be wearing the same thing! It’s going to be beautiful!

Tell us more about the latest collections you are presenting at the Global Bridal House Event Amsterdam.

I am showing our Everlasting Love Collection, which is a capsule collection of 10 dresses featuring fitted dresses with clean lines to gorgeous princess ballgowns, and the Forevermore Collection which is 25 dresses, designed for every bride in mind.

When designing all of my collections, I try to consider every type of bride whether she is a princess, whether she is a conservative bride, sexy or boho.  I think of every bride and what they want to wear and have a variety of dresses in my collection.

I am also doing a lot more of pieces that are detachable. So a bride can come out with sleeves and a really long train, and both of the pieces can be removed later. A bride can be a little conservative at the wedding and when the grandparents go to bed, she can change her look to be a bit sexier for her husband.

In my collection we have gowns where the sleeves, ruffles, bows, straps and even an under skirt come off, so you have so many looks in one dress. Brides loose a lot of time out of their wedding reception changing into a second dress, and I think it’s easier to remove a little piece and have a different look.

We are always blown away by your Runway “Grand Finale” gowns. Tell us more about them.

I always do something over the top for the runway “Finale”. I have done blue dresses, pink dresses and I don’t really believe in colored dresses  because that is called “Eveningwear”. But I always do something playful and in color for the finale piece. And actually, the brides love it and they sell really well since a lot of brides want something over the top.

But most importantly, I try to keep my collection at an affordable price point. It’s affordable luxury. In America they tend spend a little more on wedding dresses than they do in Europe, but there is still that bride out there who wants to spend a little more and want’s something really special. Overall, I try to keep my collection at certain price point while looking luxurious at the same time, without breaking the bank and the wedding budget.

What is next for Randy Fenoli in 2023?

I have a lot going on and many exciting “Top Secret” things up to come but I can’t really reveal any details now! Thank you for asking.

We’ll all just have to stay tuned!

We would like to thank Randy Fenoli for this interview.

For further information on the brand and collections, visit Randy Fenoli Bridal