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Bridal Designer Hervé Moreau Launches Own Collection

If anyone knows anything about bridal fashion, then they definitely know the name Hervé Moreau…

The Nice-born designer has established himself on the international bridal fashion scene as a collaborator couturier for Stéphane Rolland, stylist for Jean-Louis Scherrer Haute Couture and Cymbeline, creator and designer of “ready to wear” bridal and cocktail collections in Japan, and his last and most recent position as artistic director of Pronovias.

Congratulations on the launch of Hervé Moreau Couture! What inspired you to launch your very own collection and embark on your new business?

Thank you very much. It all happened during the pandemic chatting with customers and shops who asked me to design dresses. They planted the seed and it sprouted.

What has been the response to the launch of the new collection?

I am very satisfied with the feedback from customers and the press, I am grateful for the support I received. I am also very happy with the reactions of clients and the appointments that have accumulated.

Hervé Moreau Couture Collection

Tell us about the collections and what kind of bride wears a Hervé Moreau gown?

I have always tried to showcase collections made for today’s women. I am referring to all kinds of women: the classic, the sophisticated, the princess, the bohemian, and the goddess bride. The bride who chooses one of my creations does so because she recognizes herself in my style.  She is a confident woman who assumes her choices and her personality. She likes beautiful cuts and quality materials.

In addition, I am also responding to a request to produce in a short circuit. All my dresses are made in Italy and Spain with European fabrics. I have no stock and I make the dresses to order. Young clients are now very sensitive to this approach. That’s why I propose on my website a “ready to bride” collection, offering elegant and minimalist crepe designs produced in Spanish workshops at prices similar to dresses made in China. To ensure a perfect fitting and finishing touches for the wedding, I offer to the bride the alterations of her dress in the workshop of her choice. My concept of haute couture is also innovative because I am the one who travels to meet the client.

Hervé Moreau Couture Collection

Where do you get your inspiration to create your gowns?

Everything is inspiring for a stylist: a perfume, a moment in time, an exhibition or a film. With this new creative experience and the direct exchange with the bride, I discuss her theme, her story, her wishes, so I will be inspired by her love story. These are magical moments of sharing that bring me a lot of happiness.

How much of your own personal style is incorporated in the collection?

It is all about style, and I convey my personality through my designs. I like the fit of the garment, the “drape” of the fabric and its movement. I like the purity of the silhouettes and the obviousness, the delicacy and the refinement. However, I don’t like to make dresses too complicated or overload them. This comes to me from my experience in haute couture in Paris and from discussions with VIPs or my clients. I always try to go straight to the point without unnecessary frills.

Hervé Moreau Couture Collection

Now that the collection is a launched, what is next for Hervé Moreau?

The most important thing for me is to continue making dresses and make women’s dreams come true, sharing precious and sweet moments with them. In addition, I have several specific collection projects that I will present outside of the calendar.

Will bridal shops have the possibility to carry your gowns in their stores?

Concerning the Couture collection, we have points of sales in Europe, Spain, France, Italy and Belgium and English. We are also in contact with agents in the United States. The most important thing for me is to be confident with the stores that distribute my dresses by bringing them the best results. Thanks to our production reactivity, my dresses will be presented in stores from December.

Hervé Moreau Couture Collection

2022 is expected to be a positive business year in bridal. What are your hopes and predictions for the industry?

Of course everyone hopes and wishes to organize and participate in weddings for the months to come and I am sure that the next few months will be festive. I believe, however, that the pandemic will change our lifestyles and the wedding industry will be on the move in the months to come. We have seen the emergence of micro weddings for example, in very small groups organized under short deadlines. I find these weddings adorable and to have participated in one of them it remains a magical moment. This is why I strongly believe in the return of craftsmanship, in good quality dresses, in responsive delivery and especially in made in Europe because the crisis has been very hard for fabric suppliers, workshops, craftsmen. Participating in the local economy and showcasing our talented businesses is very important to me and part of my brand DNA. It’s was also the motivation to create this “ready-to-bride” collection.

Looking back at your career, what are you most proud of and what kind of advice would you give an aspiring bridal designer?

I am very happy with my career because nothing destined me to make my dream come true, except desire and will. Luck, a touch of madness, perseverance and a lot hard work allowed me to make it happen. The only advice I will give to a passionate stylist is to always believe in themselves and dare to make mistakes. This is why this particular advice corresponds to me , “It is more likely to have remorse than regret.”

We would like to thank Hervé Moreau for this interview.

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