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Bridal Collective “LOVE” Collection in the Spotlight

In the Spring of 2021 Bridal Collective announced the launch of the brand-new collection “Love”. We wanted to find out more, so Bridal Times caught up with EU Sales Director, Thomas Plugge to tell us more about the collection.

Thomas Plugge, Bridal Collective Sales Director EU

What makes the LOVE Collection different from the Enzoani and Blue by Enzoani Collections?

LOVE is the latest addition to the Enzoani family, a brand-new collection by Artistic Director Kang Chung ‘KC’ Lin. Graceful, youthful, pretty and timeless, LOVE represents a “back to basics” approach to bridal design, celebrating the beauty in simplicity. This year weddings have taken on even more meaning. With a refreshed perspective, the brand-new LOVE collection is providing delicate, sophisticated gowns with meaningful details.

Ansley Gown

What has been the response from bridal retailers since the launch of the collection this Spring?

During our various European presentations, many of our loyal retailers have picked up the new line. With the distinctive design for LOVE in combination with the superior quality and fit for which the Enzoani lines are known for, our supportive retailers could not be more excited to add LOVE in their store.

Alexa Gown

Describe the kind of bride who wears a gown from the new “LOVE” Collection.

Chic and classy. Sophisticated yet playful. Effortlessly elegant, with a fashion-forward eye for luxurious, couture style. The LOVE bride encompasses all of these ideals while also maintaining strength and confidence in her own unique personality and tastes. She radiates grace and confidence, naturally drawing in all onlookers with her joy and charm. In her choice of wedding dress, the Enzoani woman embodies elegance, romance, and loveliness.

Ashlyn Gown

What are some new highlights or features incorporated in the collection?

As with all Enzoani collections, Love focuses on the quality and fit of each gown. Highlights are in the small but meaningful details that KC captured in his 2022 designs; a youthful slit on a ball gown or unique lace appliqué detailing for example that brides will fall in love with.

Arlette Gown

Can you tell us about a favorite gown or style from the collection?

One of my favorites is ANTONIA. Perfect for the modern bride with all the confidence. The dramatic low open back with crisscross asymmetric draping and a subtle touch of floral lace appliqués adds a couture-like appeal to its simplicity.

Antonia Gown

When is the next opportunity for bridal retailers to view the collection?

Bridal Retailers can visit the team and see the full LOVE collection in the UK, at Harrogate Bridal Show (Stand Q42).

For further information on the LOVE Collection, visit Bridal Collective