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Bridal Business Marketing Summit Announced for October 2022

23rd of October, 2022 - Frankfurt

After the success of the Bridal Business Sales Summit in Berlin this year in June, Anja Grosche of Bridal Business Coaching is pleased to announce a brand-new training event for bridal shops on the 23rd October, 2022.

Anja Grosche from Bridal Business Coaching

Congratulations on the success of the first-ever Bridal Business Sales Summit! How was it for your team to receive such an overwhelming positive response?

Many thanks for the congratulations! In fact, the word “overwhelming” describes it best for us. We were overjoyed to see how well the Sales Summit was received by our bridal bosses and stylists. We were also super proud that everything went so perfectly, since the Sales Summit was a very special premiere for us and for the industry.

Do you think the Summit was an event that bridal shops really needed in Germany to unite, learn and even be proud of their profession?

Yes, I think it really was about time for such an event. In many other sectors, it is common to network and to continue your professional education. In fact, I really missed that in my own time as Bridal Boss. We were able to learn cross-industry sales skills etc. from trainers, but I was always missing industry-specific bridal training opportunities and networks. The response and feedback from the Sales Summit showed us that many bridal bosses are currently feeling the same way. Seeing them all here in Berlin, how they exchanged ideas, how they made new connections with each other and how many “I see” moments they experienced. It encourages us to stay tuned and offer further opportunities for education & exchange for the bridal fashion industry in the DACH countries.

And how did your team come to the decision to host the Bridal Business Marketing Summit in October?

From our everyday coaching, we know that our bridal bosses usually have two major challenges: 1) generating appointments for their bridal store and 2) converting these appointments into sales. We have already addressed point 2 with the Sales Summit. Since the response to the Sales Summit was so good, it was the logical step for us to launch the Bridal Business Marketing Summit as a follow-up event. We wanted to create an opportunity for the bridal bosses this year to improve their marketing skills so that they can generate enough appointments for their bridal fashion business on their own in the new season.

Can you name a few special highlights that bridal shops can expect at the Summit in Frankfurt?

Just like the Sales Summit, we will address very practical topics. We have limited the number of participants for the Marketing Summit to a maximum of 50 in order to create plenty of space for individual questions from the participants. In contrast to the Sales Summit, the Marketing Summit will have more of a workshop character, so that we can work together more intensively. In addition, we will address which social media channels bridal shops should primarily be used and how, as social media will of course be a big item on the daily agenda. Here we have prepared a special content planner for bridal shops as a highlight, so that our participants won’t have to search for content for their postings again. As a further highlight, I am proud and happy to announce that we are once again able to win our fabulous top experts Peter Michel from “Just Brides” and Sebastian Fröder from “Psychology in Business” as guest speakers for the Marketing Summit.

And we already have one – two more highlights in the drawer, but we want to surprise our participants and can’t reveal them yet…

What is your advice to a bridal shop that missed the June summit and is thinking about attending in October?

The answer I have for this is one of my favorite sentences, which I also pass on again and again in my coaching sessions: Success has three letters – Go For It. Entrepreneurs who are successful in the long term (regardless of the industry) are always characterized by the fact that they “just do it.” We got some feedback after the Sales Summit, where bridal bosses were frustrated with themselves that they weren’t there because they thought about it for too long… The only advice I can give here is: If the Marketing Summit appeals to you thematically and you want to generate more appointments for your store, then see how you make it possible to come to Frankfurt. It’s going to be a great day, just like the Sales Summit, where the Bridal Bosses will be given tried and tested shortcuts to success in many ways. So it is better not to wait too long, but to secure a ticket promptly, precisely because the number of places is limited. If the participants only implement a fraction of the tips that we give them there, their investment will have paid for itself after just one month.

Big question: Does your team have any plans for more summits in the future?

This is actually a very frequently asked question to us. Specifically, there are no fixed dates for further summits for 2023. However, I can already reveal that we are holding our internal strategy days in September, where we are creating the event calendar for 2023. I’ll be the first to let you know when the dates are set. So stay tuned!

Bridal Business Coaching Seminars and Summit are held for European bridal retailers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For further information in the German language, visit Bridal Business Coaching.