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Award-Winning Designer, Riccardo Serravalle Launches Very Own Collection

For bridal industry professionals, Riccardo Serravalle is quite a familiar name. Riccardo has designed for leading bridal fashion powerhouses in the industry, and now with his vast experience and expertise, he has launched his very own collection “Metaphysical” by Studio Serravalle together with his sibling.

In Riccardo Serravalle’s world, there are no concepts of age, gender, body type and sexuality. He firmly believes in an equal soul that expresses their unlimited love to each other. Therefore, together with his sister Ida, they have launched their very own brand Studio Serravalle this year, offering a contemporary sustainable gender-fluid wedding collection.

After spending some weeks together during the pandemic lockdown, the siblings turned their home into a laboratory of ideas with all the right elements of inspiration in order to bring their special project to life.

“Riccardo is literally his own designer and that is inspiring,” says Ida. “The transition from a traditional to unconventional wedding collection was a natural process, and I have seen my brother as being gender-fluid his entire life,” explains Ida.

In order to get their emotions across, the siblings made sure that their brand’s slogan would convey happiness and passion. “We wanted to create a slogan that will translate all of this,” says Ricardo. “Everyone has a story – Love Yours with Us” was set on paper and has been used ever since.

Meet the Metaphysical 2023 Collection

The Metaphysical Collection was designed to celebrate all the special moments in life by encouraging individuality to tell your very own love story. Riccardo’s approach for this collection was to merge subtle elegance with a modern and gender-fluid image of femininity – a new take on structured tailoring for diverse designs that flatters the body.

The collection is also inspired by the world’s most recognized stately flower of all time with a single petal that wraps to create a beautiful statement. These blooms are both recognizable and unparalleled. A refreshing alternative to more common flowers and blooms, it’s fitting that the word “CALLA” means “Beauty” in Greek and holds other special meanings throughout Greek mythology, and Roman and Egyptian history. Once can never look at the “Calla Lily Flower in the same way.

Studio Serravalle creates products that remain true to the values of the brand that confirm their absolute commitment to the providing the highest levels of quality as well as using sustainable and recycled materials to protect mother nature. Serravalle’s designs are encompassing a blend of masculine-shaped tailoring, into refined femininity detailing.


Riccardo Serravalle is the creative head behind the label. He is an Italian-German Award Winning Fashion Designer who has worked with big names such as Claudia Schiffer on her Project Fashion Hero, designed for top bridal fashion brands such as Justin Alexander was later named the Head of Design for the House of St. Patrick by Pronovias, Amandine Ohayon in 2019. Riccardo is now dedicating his entire knowledge to his very own collection.

Ida Serravalle brings a strong background in sales and communication and has accompanied Riccardo in his career. She has accepted awards in Riccardo’s place, has excelled in customer service, sales, social media and is also herself part of a “Generation Z”, which makes her a vital asset in reaching out and connecting with modern bridal couples of today.


In order to view the new collection first-hand, be sure to visit the PREMIUM in Berlin from the 7th-9th of July.

Studio Serravalle will be attending additional exhibitions in the near future to showcase their collections and also looks forward to connecting with interested retailers in order to carry the Studio Serravalle brand.

For further information on brand, please visit Studio Serravalle.

Congratulations to the Serravalle Team on the launch of the new collection!


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