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The Stunning Hand Beaded Bridesmaids Gowns of Motee Maids

Rosanna Garden, Entrepreneur and Creative Director of Motee Maids, only just launched her bridesmaids collection in 2017 and has already made quite an impression on the bridal industry. Bridal Times had the opportunity to catch up with Rosanna to find out her secret to success.

What inspired you to become a designer?

Prior to setting up Motee Maids, I was an occasion wear and bridal buyer and fell in love with Bridesmaids gowns.  Although I loved what I was doing on the high street, I always knew I wanted to work for myself, run my own business and travel on my own terms.  Having a family was also a big catalyst for me to venture out alone and it gave me the drive to succeed. Certainly having spoken to so many female entrepreneurs over the last couple of years, family and the right balance, seems to be a big driving force behind the decision.

My background is product design so my approach to design is always quite logical and I wanted to design a concept not just a collection of gowns.  I wanted to give Brides the choice of 1000s of gowns but without boutiques having to house 1000s of options, from my background in retail I knew stock levels are such an issues for many high street retailers at the moment.  I knew made to order was therefore the route to go down and partnered with a wonderful factory in India who could make this a reality.

Motee Maids bridemaids dresses are unique for their eye-catching, intricate beading. Tell us the inspiration behind this look?

I love working with colour and embellishment.  The 11 colours in our range are unique to Motee and each one has been inspired by a flower or vintage ribbon and refined and tweaked to ensure it flatters a multitude of skin tones. The embellishments are all hand sewn by Artisans in India taking over 30 hours to sew 1000’s of individual beads on each dress.  I love seeing the incredible craftsmanship that goes into each design.

Pearls have always been a bridal tradition and provided the inspiration for my 1st collection.  Motee beadings are subtle but exquisitely detailed and delicate, designed to accessorise and compliment the bridal gown.

A huge focus for me is fit and comfort and our best selling Lake style is actually based on the dress I designed for my own bridal party dress.

And each Motee Maid gown is actually hand beaded in India?

Yes, people often think the beading is a fabric which is cut off a roll but each pattern piece is hand beaded to size for each gown.  The fabric is stretched over a frame and the pattern beaded on by hand taking up to 40 hours for every pattern piece.  Motee is actually Hindi for Pearl and each gown is crafted by a very skilled team or Artisans.

Brides are able to choose up to 1000 different looks with the Motee Maid Mix and Match option, anywhere from color, style and even beading. What new looks can brides mix and match with the 2019/2020 collection?

Our new embroidery is designed to co-ordintate with all our existing 4 embellishments but it brings in a delicate subtle look of a print but with the wonderful texture which Motee is known for. There are embroidered threads and sequins and each bloom is hand finished with a pearl. It gives the look of lace but on a Tulle so is light and very easy to wear,  perfect for destination weddings. Our cowl and halter neck are a nod to trends in bridal and occasion wear but easy to wear and flattering on many different body shapes.

With so much to choose from, what is your best advice to deciding on a selection?

I find that Motee Brides tend to be very thoughtful and want each of their bridesmaids to look and feel their best. Getting your girls together for an appointment in one of our stockists is so much fun and makes the run up to the wedding even more memorable. You often have the sole use of a bridal boutique and the advice of amazing stylists who can also advise on sizes for bridesmaids who cannot make the appointment.  It really takes the stress away of shopping for multiple people.  For styling I always say listen to what the bridesmaids would like as they will usually know what suits their figure best and what they will feel comfortable in. Of course, it is your day, and ultimately your decision, but trying to cater to your girls’ needs will help them feel super special.  Often Motee brides will pick a colour pallet and beading and then each bridesmaid can pick the style and skirt they like best. I love it when brides get more adventurous and mix colours and the pallet and beading have been designed so that mix and matching together will still keep the group looking cohesive.

 What bridesmaid dress combination is your personal favorite?

I just love our new embroidered tulle it is so romantic and light to wear and something different for bridesmaids it works wonderfully on our best selling Lake silhouette.

Do you think you’ll ever design wedding dresses some day?

We do offer Ivory and often have Brides wearing Motee, we have even had a bride and bridesmaids all wearing Motee. At the moment we have no plans for a true bridal range but our dresses are very versatile and can be styled up or down and feel as special as a bridal gown.

Motee Maids only just launched in 2017, and won “Bridesmaid Manufacturer of the Year” in 2018 and is nominated again for 2019. What does this mean to you and your team?

We were over the moon and it was during our 1st true bridal season, so completely unexpected. It goes to validate the love that brides and boutiques have for Motee and the versatility of the range and the hard work we have put into it. We are also nominated as finalists in 2019 which we are delighted with as the brand is becoming more well known.

What has been the most rewarding part of launching Motee Maids and what best piece of advice would you give someone who is looking to start their own business?

Seeing real wedding images is huge highlight and how happy the bride and bridesmaids are with the look along with winning the Bridal Buyer award last year. My tip would be to pick a product with a barrier to entry or something which is unique and focus all your energy on product, product, product always for it to be the best it can be.

On the behalf of Bridal Times, we would like to thank Rosanna Garden for this interview.

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