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Talking with Très Chic: Tours, Trends and Connecting with Retailers

Bridal Times had the opportunity to catch up with Jan Brinkman, Annika Siewert and Sven Zaiger of Très Chic to talk about the success of their “Love & Happiness Tour”, top bridal fashion trends and much more.

Très Chic European Head of Sales

Jan, in the month of October, Très Chic will be right in the middle of the “Love and Happiness Tour”. What has been the response to the tour?

We are very pleased that so many retailers come to visit us, not only because of our collections and our stock items, but also simply to chat and share a nice coffee. And of course, to have conversations about brides and the upcoming season. Since we as a sales team speak to a large number of customers, it’s also good to find out how other brands present themselves. In this way you learn to change or adapt your own strategies if necessary.

What can bridal shops expect to see in visiting the “Love and Happiness Tour”?

Many retailers find it very relaxing to view the 2023 bestsellers on this tour. It sometimes happens that beautiful dresses are overlooked during the stress and hectic pace of a trade fair. That’s why it’s a great advantage that with our showroom tour, we can once again show bridal shops which models have sold well. A reunion with a Très Chic customer is always a pleasure anyway, and many friendships develop over the years. Sometimes bridal shops also realize that too little has been bought and that a restock is needed quickly. This is easily possible via our warehouse online purchasing program and now also on-site in our showroom. These opportunities allow us to be even closer to our retailers. The current situation is still not easy, but we try our best and our customers feel that.

Would you say this event has allowed your team to better connect and directly support your retailers?

Absolutely, we already noticed during Corona that the on-site presence via the showroom creates a very good customer proximity. Of course it’s a lot of work for us, we carry 120 dress forms and 400 pieces of stock with us, but it’s a lot of fun to do it. This gives us a lot of time to talk about the stock and you get to know each piece individually. Our retailers also learn that it is not always easy for us suppliers in these troubled times, but they also see that our team, Annika & Sven,  are always there for them. We can’t all do magic, but we do our best and always keep in contact.

Annika Siewert, Sales Executive for Germany

With the 6 newly launched collections, can you tell us about some exciting highlights incorporated in the new collections?

This year the bridal fashion trends are very diverse and there is a wide choice for both the bride with a minimalist taste and the bride who has always dreamed of feeling like a princess. My highlight: Wedding dresses with loose sleeves. 2023 is the year of the sleeves and especially the year of sleeves that can be worn separately or detached. In this way you can create two looks, with and without sleeves. This trend can be found in all of the collections.

What trend or style would you say is popular at the moment?

Back to the roots: The princess look is back. For 2023 we are also betting on the larger princess style wedding dresses. This doesn’t mean a “dated look” since the princess style has had some upgrades. You can now style it with different types of skirts, with and without sleeves. And of course the romantic train is not left out.

What has been the reactions from bridal retailers on the new collections?

Our customers are happy that after the Interbride, we are traveling all over Germany after having a short break. This gives retailers the opportunity to see the 2023 collection again at a later date, and also to buy directly in order to fill any gaps in the shop. Or simply to stay in touch and exchange ideas.

Sven Zaiger, Sales Executive for Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Sven, can you tell us a bit more about the cash and carry options?

These are special items and stock items that can be bought directly at the trade fairs, tours and at the headquarters to be taken away. The customers can thus immediately cover gaps in their inventory and respond even more intensively to their customers and their wishes. In this way, our customer adapts specifically to the end consumer.

Alongside the Tour, how has your team effectively familiarized retailers with the 2023 collections? 

As a team, we made the retailer aware of the 2023 collection during the fairs, on-site visits and via email with a Dropbox link. Our collection is completed with amazing photo shoots, lookbooks and the catalogue. Sometimes it’s not always possible for customers to attend the trade fairs for any possible reasons, which is why we also travel to customers on-site at individual bridal shops to present the collection personally. In most cases, as soon as the photo shooting images have been created, we send the images to our customers before they are even printed in our catalog so they can get a feeling for the collection, get an overview of the new trends and have something in-hand to already get excited about.

What is your advice to retailers thinking about attending the “Love and Happiness Tour” in their city and the advantages.

I advise my customers to let themselves be inspired by the new collection, and it also helps to be more in tune with the current market. Personal conversations are often more effective and inspiring than a phone call or an e-mail. I always advise my clients to keep in touch personally, which works hand in hand with our tour throughout the individual cities.

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Tour Dates:

28th – 31st October 2022

4th – 7th November 2022

Brandenburg- Van der Valk
12th – 13th November 2022

To learn more about Très Chic and the collections, visit Très Chic Bridal Wear

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