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Interview with Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni – The Place to be for Bridal Fashion

14th -17th April, 2023 - Milan, Italy

Bridal Times had the chance to catch up with Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni Exhibition Manager, Elena Jemmallo to tell us why Milan is the place to be for bridal fashion and what visitors can expect from this year’s trade show.

Elena Jemmallo from Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni

Tell us why Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni in Milan is the place to be when it comes to bridal fashion?

With its sartorial tradition, Milan is the fashion capital for which bridal is a distinctive expression with its many stylistic dimensions. Therefore, it was only fitting that this city should host an event like SposaItalia, which attracts the attention of industry professionals from all over the world every year. The event is historic – it started in 1982, over forty years ago – and, year after year, it has strengthened and grown into an event that is recognised first nationally and then internationally. Over the decades, it has taken on many challenges, making itself independent from other fashion fairs, weathering the difficult times in the global market head-on and establishing itself as a point of reference. Nowadays, some companies choose to exclusively take part in SposaItalia because this is where the future of bridal is celebrated.

What is the concept or motto for this year’s Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni?

Selection, quality and new collections by under-the-radar designers.

What are some highlights visitors can expect?

There are many innovations in store for visitors, but here are just three: first of all, new arrivals such as Chiara Boni, who is exhibiting at the fair for the first time and will present her collection exclusively. Awaiting trade visitors will be three days of fashion shows, the first of which will be dedicated to Italian brands: these are exclusive opportunities to discover clothing and accessories in real life and turn your participation in the fair into a real experience. And finally, there will be no shortage of niche brands that, with their out-of-the-ordinary proposals, can offer previously unseen stimuli for retailers.

What can you tell us about this year’s the exhibitor line-up?

To date, we have more than 150 brands with a complete offer ranging from bridal, groom, ceremony and children’s wear. There will be no shortage of international brands at the fair, as well as Italian companies offering sophisticated and unique research products designed for a higher end of the market. Prominent names that have recognised the great value that has always defined Sì SposaItalia Collezioni, which combines innovation, selection and quality aligned with market dynamics, will return to the event.

After emerging from the pandemic, do you expect to see an increase in visitors?

The upward trend seen in the last event will certainly be confirmed. In 2022 there was an upturn in the number of participants. This year we expect an increase in visitors particularly from abroad, from those countries that, having overcome the challenges of the pandemic, are ready to invest again. We have also worked on the incoming buyer programme, focusing on strategic countries such as Japan, the USA, Korea and Canada, which represent important opportunities for exhibitors and typify the event as a business moment of global value.

What is your outlook for the bridal industry in 2023?

There is considerable dynamism in Italy, companies have reacted very swiftly to the various challenges of this period, from the negative influences of war, to inflation, to the energy crisis. A number of companies, which used to work with China, for example, changed their lines to cope with the drop in demand from those areas. There is also a generational change taking place in our country, which is bringing new life to the world of bridal style and fashion, the results of which we will soon see. On the international front, there are intriguing markets such as the USA that are growing steadily and where, last year alone, more than 61 million marriages took place. In contrast, markets such as China, which appeared to offer significant opportunities, are still at a standstill due to the pandemic.

In your eyes, what does an ideal Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni 2023 look like?

It is difficult to define such a diverse and multi-faceted event, but I will try to do so with three adjectives. SposaItalia is “brilliant”, because it is rich in creative stimuli and innovative proposals; “sophisticated”, because it always focuses on quality and carefully evaluates the companies exhibiting and the collections present. And finally, it is “complete”, because it showcases the big established and up-and-coming brands, with offerings covering the whole possible range for wedding and formal wear. I invite all operators to come to the fair and form their own opinion of the event: they will be very surprised!

For further information and registration, visit Sì Sposaitalia Collezioni