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Bridal Event Amsterdam 2020 – Exclusive Interview with the Event Team

08. – 10. March 2020 - Amsterdam

After a very successful first edition of Bridal Event Amsterdam this year in March, the organisers have now announced dates for the second edition of this trade event. Bridal Times has spoken with Helena Kischka, Marketing Director Modeca Bridal and Event Director Bridal Event Amsterdam about what to expect from BEA2020.

Bridal Event Amsterdam is quite a new event within the bridal industry, taking place for the second time from 8-10 March 2020. For those who don’t know, what is BEA all about?

Well, as always when it comes to events which are being initiated with passion, there is a kind of crazy story behind it. What had started as the Modeca Event some years ago, turned into Bridal Event Amsterdam after several agents have been asking if it was possible to initiate an event where also other brands they are presenting could be showcased…

Within the organisers team, this had truly cost us some sleepless nights as we had to create an event which reveals the typical “Magic of Modeca” atmosphere whilst having – amongst others – brands as Herve Paris and Randy Fenoli Bridal as well as the accessory brands Abrazi and Poirier (Jupon in the UK) joining the showfloor.

But it seemed to be that we got quite a good trade event for the bridal industry off the ground this year as stores from all over the world, with the furthest travelling from Australia and South Africa, really enjoyed the time with us in Amsterdam.

So, again for the 2020 edition, we are celebrating the best in bridal at the stunning Novotel Amsterdam close to Schiphol Airport in The Netherlands, whilst unveiling the 2021 collections.

Which brands have already confirmed for Bridal Event Amsterdam 2020?

Partners and bridal stores will be able to browse through the newest collections from stunning international labels.

Dutch design house Modeca Bridal will unveil their gorgeous 2021 collections by Alden Misolas, Head of Design at Modeca Bridal. He has been designing an amazing Modeca Collection with the typical Dutch Design approach whilst Le Papillon by Modeca will be featuring Dutch Couture. And of course, not to miss out on the Curves by Modeca line and the fancy mix and match separates line Jazz by Modeca.

French design house Herve Paris will showcase the new 2021 collection where Boho \ Vintage | Destination will be the main theme in design.

The American brand Randy Fenoli Bridal will be unveiling the new Beautiful Beginnings Collections as a whole for Europe for the 2021 season. Randy Fenoli, well known from ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ in the USA as well as the UK and Benelux is truly looking forward to coming over to Europe for this launch.

Moreover, we are excited that we will be presenting the brand new La Belvedere by Libelle line which stands out due to its special South European design approach. And for now, I am happy to confirm that also certain accessory companies, such as Poirier have confirmed their attendance for Bridal Event Amsterdam in March too.

Of course, this list can still be extended; there is for sure more to come! So, watch the space!

Visitors of the 2019 Bridal Event Amsterdam 2019 truely enjoyed their time at the event. What can visitors expect from the BEA 2020? 

As the organisers of BEA, it is our goal to offer our partners and stores within the bridal industry the opportunity to buy high end designs at an early point of time; this will give them the chance to follow the early requests by the brides for fresh and new fashion.  But the first edition of Bridal Event Amsterdam had proven that a trade show event doesn’t have to be about business and sales only and at all times. Therefore, it is a clear thing for us in the organisers team that we focus more deeply on different aspects.

We have one goal: We want to meet friends as we love to spend a good time with partners in bridal and we want to celebrate the best in bridal.

Surely, stores will have the chance to browse through all the collection which will be unveiled onsite BEA and can buy for the next season but they also have the chance to join private modelling sessions with Alden Misolas, Head of Design from Modeca Bridal or Randy Fenoli who will be unveiling his complete Beautiful Beginnings Collection onsite BEA.

Above that, there will be the possibility for a personal “Meet and Greet” with Alden Misolas and Randy Fenoli and there will also be certain Fashion Shows during the time of the event to showcase the latest collections of Modeca Bridal, Herve Paris and Randy Fenoli Bridal as well as the La Belvedere by Libelle line.

Since one of the striking features of the BEA location is space, we are lucky, that we can offer all our visitors and guests huge networking opportunities within Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Store owners from all over the world will be able to join each other within a relaxed atmosphere and have the chance to meet and mingle whenever they want, talking about the latest fashion trends, communication tools, social media strategies or simply about bridal life.

And of course, not to forget – we love to celebrate and we will celebrate the best in bridal in the evening onsite BEA 2020. Everybody is invited to join the “Crazy Amsterdam Party” or our “Get Together Party” in the evening and dance the night away.

The Bridal Event Amsterdam only just launched in 2019 – what new developments have there been for 2020?

Well, we have been quite pleased with BEA 2019 but of course, there is always something to improve. Time is a vital aspect in bridal; unfortunately, we always have the feeling that we are too short of time. Following this, we wanted to take away this pressure from the stores, giving them more time to browse and buy compared to last year – so we have done this.

Above that, we have seen that stores really loved the personal and private modelling sessions from last time; therefore, we are going to do those onsite BEA 2020 for each brand as this is a good option to give more direct information about the product portfolio.

Giving store owners the option to talk directly to the designers is vital – for both sides.

What makes BEA stand out from the crowd?

Each and every trade event within bridal is special as all organisers are giving their best to create a wonderful show for their visitors. I have no doubt about that and neither do we at BEA!

But for us at BEA, our main goal is to give something back to our customers, partners and friends in the industry.

Might this sound a bit like a banal phrase to some people? Possibly, but for me personally, it does not!

Bridal isn’t an easy playground at all times and we all are working hard; sometimes the true magic of what we do and what it’s actually all about is getting lost – we are involved in the creation of the most important dress for the most important day in a woman’s life.

This is magic and it is something we can be proud of as it is something special. And even though Bridal Event Amsterdam is a trade event, it is also a fantastic place to meet friends, to enjoy what we do, to have a great time together with colleagues from all over the world and to celebrate the best in bridal. BEA – Let there be magic!